the couches are great in nashville.

On Saturday I left the cozy Midwest and ventured down south to Nashville, where I lived for half a year before leaving for the World Race. It still blows my mind that I ever lived in Nashville – the idea is a pleasant reminder that life is full of surprises. 

When I was driving down I-71 through Kentucky I noticed that I had made a car friend. I’m not sure if other people do this, but when I’m driving I make car friends. Basically, if I’m driving and I notice another car has been in front of or behind me or beside me for a while, I believe that they like me. They must at least agree with the speed that I am choosing to go, so we have that in common, which is the perfect way to start a friendship. Like C.S. Lewis once said, “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one!'” In this case it would be, “What! You go 72 mph in a 65 speed zone too? I thought I was the only one!”

…this car was a minivan with a car-top carrier and bikes strapped on the back of the trunk – I assume they were a family going on vacation, and they obviously wanted me to come with them, because they stayed with me all the way to Louisville. Usually I’m the loyal one who gets shafted, but this time I was the one who ended it – I stopped to use the restroom and never saw them again. Sigh. I hope they made it okay and are having a fine time even though I’m not there with them…

I’ve been having such a lovely time in Nashville. 

On Saturday night I went to a biracial wedding – it was the first wedding I’ve been to where I was the minority. And the guy was white – usually (at least in my experience) it’s the female who is the white one in a biracial couple. I don’t know why, but I guess I’m a girl who cries at weddings. This one was especially beautiful (the coming together of two races is always touching to me), but I still cry at other weddings. My eyes just tear up a little bit, okay? I’m not a romantic sap. At least not completely. 

So, I’ve been having a lovely time, but I haven’t really been doing much. Besides the wedding I’ve mostly gone to restaurants or coffee shops with friends, but the main thing I’ve done is sit on the couch. And it’s been so much fun. 

Now, when I say sit on the couch I don’t mean I have a bag of chips in one hand and a remote control in the other. I’m usually sitting on the couch with other people, and while we’re sitting on the couch we’re having conversations about life and making each other laugh and playing board games and looking through photo albums and sometimes we watch Lady GaGa music videos on YouTube, okay. My point is that I can have such a grand time just being in the presence of other people – we don’t even have to be doing anything that exciting. Obviously. 

I remember one time last year when one of my coworkers asked what I did for fun. “I like to read at coffee shops, or play board games, or go for late night walks around my neighborhood…” I was cut off by his laughter. He thought I was boring because I didn’t party. No matter what I said to him, I couldn’t convince him that my kind of lifestyle was a good time. I thought about this conversation the other night when I was in my old house, sitting on couches with five other girlfriends as we had the time of our lives (this may or may not have been when we looked up the Lady GaGa music videos.) Then we sat on the floor around the coffee table as we ate dinner – I thought that was really cute. 

I’ve decided that the next time someone asks me what I do for fun I’m going to respond by saying, “Sitting on couches, duh.” And then I’ll look at them like they’re crazy for asking the question, like the answer to how to have fun is so obvious and it’s kind of embarrassing that they didn’t know. 

All this makes me think of the first column I wrote for the Independent Collegian many years ago…but I don’t want to bore you. 

(Just kidding okay here it is)

And now, I’m going to take a nap. On a couch, ironically enough.


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