hey, monday.

A few blogs ago I wrote about my dream to live with an Amish family, even though I didn’t know exactly how to make that happen. Well, turns out this dream is closer to reality than I thought. Two days ago I received a facebook message titled “this is hilarious.” It was from my dear friend Mandi, and she has Amish relatives in Ohio who will let me live with them! I am so excited. She says they will even take me on a buggy ride. I’m hoping to do this sooner than later – maybe in the next few weeks? It all depends on whether or not I get a job. 

Other updates: the worm monster (aka my loyal parasite) is still haunting me. I swear one of these days it’s just going to break through my skin and scream BOO! I was about to go to the doctor today, but then my mom found some kind of “parasite kit” online. Heck, why not try it? It kinda makes me feel like I’m a kid and I’m playing doctor. Needless to say, it arrives in a few days and I’m pretty excited. 

My drive home from Nashville yesterday was fairly eventful – three semi trucks honked at me. This has happened to me before, on the same route actually, but the other times I was driving Gregory. Gregory was my old car, and he was was anything but dependable. Whenever I drove him I would be in a constant state of anxiety – wondering when the next break down or flat tire would occur. So when semi trucks honked at me I would automatically think they were trying to warm me – I assumed they could see something that I couldn’t see. Was my trunk about to fall off? Was Gregory spouting out fire? I would begin to freak out – especially after a number of honks. Should I pull over? Dial 911? What is happening here!!

…but I eventually realized they are honking at me because I’m a girl. This still confuses me. What, exactly, am I supposed to do when they honk at me? Write down my digits and tape them out the window? Clasp my hands over my heart because I’ve finally found my one true love? I always ignore the honks, but every time they happen my heart still flutters. Not because I’m flattered but because I still think I’m driving Gregory and he’s about to explode.

Okay, well, I could write about many more pointless things, but instead I think I’ll call a friend and go for a walk and eat ice cream. Yay summer! (…or should I say unemployment!)


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