it’s been a good day so far.

This morning my mom walked into my room and handed me a piece of first class mail. It was from one of the restaurants I had recently applied to (the one where I only filled out half the application in messy handwriting, that one.) I thought it was strange that they sent me something – I opened the envelope and found myself reading a letter of rejection.

This made me strangely happy, for three reasons:

1) They actually sent me a letter of rejection? That is so nice of them! I recently had a conversation with a fellow unemployed friend about how it just seems so wrong that after applying and/or interviewing for a job you are just left waiting. And waiting. And calling incessantly and leaving desperate messages on voice mails. There should be SOME kind of signifying factor that you didn’t get the job. Like, if you don’t hear from us by this day it means you didn’t get it. Or, perhaps they could send letters of rejection. That’d be nice. Thank you, NorthStar Cafe, I have only fond feelings for you.

2) Enclosed with the letter was a coupon for a FREE MEAL. Um, what? Sorry you didn’t get the job – here’s $10! This seriously made me laugh out loud. It was just so…bizarre. Now I want to go apply at the other two Northstar Cafe’s in town, just so I can get more free meals.

3) I want a job, yes, but I really didn’t want this job. I finally realized I can’t be picky-choosy anymore (that really hasn’t been working out for me), so I grudgingly accepted that I may have to wear khakis, an oversized polo and a hairnet (or even worse…a visor.) Basically I’m bracing myself to relive my senior year of high school when I worked at Subway. Those were the days…(not.) I’m just so thankful that I still have hope for something else – that God knows I’ll take the next job that’s offered to me, so he spared me this one. THANK YOU, JESUS!

And so the job hunt continues. If anything, I may just have to cancel my cell phone plan, get rid of my car and live in my parent’s basement for the rest of my life. Which wouldn’t be that bad, really, considering how much I’ve enjoyed being a hermit lately. And then I’d be completely fulfilling the curse of our generation, which is our inability/lack of desire to get a job and live independently of our parents – gotta love social norms!


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2 Responses to it’s been a good day so far.

  1. bailey b says:

    hey hope! i like northstar cafe. the first time i went there they gave me like 8 of those free meal coupons. so nice of them. also, where have you been dancing? i like reading your blog and thought i’d finally come clean about how long i’ve secretly been reading it and stalking (kind of) you.
    ❤ bailey

    • Hope Naomi says:

      bailey! so excited to hear that northstar gave you so many free meal coupons – i’m hoping i can stash up on them and sell them on the black market for a living. i’ve been dancing at good ole CDA – rachel is my teacher. also, i’m kind of convinced we all stalk each other – so thanks for coming clean. you set a good example.

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