breaking news:

Welp, it’s official. My parasite goes by the name “Blastocystis” (nice to finally meet you), his bacteria buddy goes by the name “Campylobacter” (nice to meet you as well.) These lovely critters have been living in my body for the last five months, so it’s safe to say we’ve gotten pretty close.

Um, BARF. When I really think about these little guys making their home in my body, I’m not okay with it. But there’s nothing I can do at this exact moment – I feel the same way I did when I discovered I had lice two years ago. Like I want to scream and run around and fling all these living things off me – but it’s not that simple. It takes time. And while the clock ticks away my little friends continue to FEAST on me. Mmmboy.

Talk about being taken advantage of.


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5 Responses to breaking news:

  1. marissavilla says:

    Ew! Oh my goodness!! What if I have them, too? I have been SO sick these last two days. So do you take antibiotics? Do you know where you got them? Five months? Africa? The Philippines? Do they tickle you?

  2. EMMA says:

    what if their friends are living inside in my body unbeknownst to meeee?!?!?

    • Hope Naomi says:

      lol you guys. yeah, i am taking antibiotics – it’s called flagyl and it’s only like ten bucks (praise the lord!) what’s funny is my mom actually had me on flagyl last month, but it just wasn’t a high enough dosage to exterminate my little friends. for a shrink, my mom’s a pretty good parasite prescriber. i’ll give her that.

      marissa – i’m 99% sure i got them in cambodia from drinking the “filtered” water. and yes, sometimes they tickle.

      emma – i was wondering that too, why i would be the only one with these guys when we were all chugging that “filtered” water for days…

  3. marissa says:

    Crap. The one at U of N? I drank it too…

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