flo or ho?

“Have you seen the Progressive insurance commercials with this lady, I think her name is Flo? She wears white and is really bubbly and funny. I think of you when I see that! just saying…it might be a killer halloween costume.” – my friend Robin in a recent facebook message.

Little does Robin know about my Flo-look-alike phenomenon circa 2009. Everywhere I went and every interaction I had with someone resulted in my comparison to Flo. At first I didn’t know whether or not to be offended, because Flo seemed kind of annoying to me, but I’ve grown to adore the comparison. I even used her as my facebook profile picture once, and the comments blew up:

I LOVE IT!!!! Every time I watch these commercials I think of you and how perfect you would be at doing them!

I always think of you when I see those commercials!

ahhh haha this is SO you hope.

I think it is AMAZING that this is your profile picture! Its true that every time I see these commercials, I think of you!

The funny thing is, I thought that this picture was you until I saw the commercial a few days ago! Haha.

‎… and I thought I was the only one who was reminded of you when I saw these commercials.

…and so on and so forth.

I’ve done some research on the actress, Stephanie Courtney, and it’s kind of my dream to meet her. Maybe we could be bffs – I don’t doubt we’d always have something to be bubbly about.

Robin’s message brings such joy to my heart, for I figured Flo would be long gone when I returned from a year of being overseas. But apparently she is still hot and happening! I wanted to be Flo for Halloween last year, but I was in Turkey with no resources. It looks like there is still hope for this year…


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