teach for america: the journey continues.

I was invited to a final interview with Teach for America back in August, which was like, forever ago. I was so excited when I found out, but since then my enthusiasm has been put on hold. Basically I had to wait around for a bunch of information to be submitted to me, which happened TODAY. Yay.

Today I was able to sign up for my final interview, which will take place in Atlanta, Georgia on October 22. I have to do it in Georgia because I’m volunteering at the upcoming World Race training camp during the TFA interview week. I’m actually pretty excited that my interview falls at the same time as training camp – I’ll have amazing prayers and support from many of my World Race family who have heard me talk about TFA since our race began over a year ago.

My [former] teammate Emily is actually coming with me to the interview, lol. Well, she’ll really be reading at a nearby coffee shop or something, but I got pretty nervous when I thought about borrowing someone’s car and driving kind of far away to a place I’ve never been in order to attend this pretty intense day-long interview all by myself, so I asked her to come with me. There’s a fairly long break in the afternoon, and they suggest you bring a book. I decided to bring Emily.

Today I was also able to submit my preferred region placement. Um, talk about a hard decision. I’ve actually been praying about this for over a month, and I asked some other people to join me in prayer to see if any of the same cities came to mind. Unfortunately, our great minds did not think alike. One person had Baltimore, another Detroit, and another Pittsburgh (…which isn’t even a TFA city, lol.)

I ended up putting down Charlotte, Denver, San Francisco, Nashville, Indianapolis, Atlanta and Seattle (TFA isn’t officially located in Seattle yet, but they said it could happen.) I thought you could only pick a top 3 – but apparently you can pick as many cities as you like. I felt like a kid at Christmastime – which toy/city did I want the most? It’s weird to think that one of these places actually might be my HOME for a long, long time.

A week or so ago I started to get really nervous when I thought about the interview day – there’s so much pressure to perform impeccably. But then God reminded me IT’S NOT ABOUT ME – if I get in it’s because of him. I just need to keep reminding myself of that.

And now, I want to ask you guys for some help. I need to prepare a 5-minute lesson plan for my interview. I was thinking about teaching on the semicolon, because I thought it was something simple enough that I could teach in under five minutes, but my brother disagreed. He said the semicolon requires massive explanation – and few people really understand how it works in the end. He suggested I teach on the solar system or Sherlock Holmes. But I think those ideas are kind of massive too – I need something more specific. Any ideas?


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9 Responses to teach for america: the journey continues.

  1. chelseakim says:

    ummmmmmmmm i dont see LA on that list.

  2. Ariel says:

    Is there an age/grade your lesson is supposed to target? I can come up with lots of ideas for you but let me know an age range! I’ m SO excited that you’re doing TFA!
    Ariel (Alie’s sister)

    • Hope Naomi says:

      thanks, ariel! i can pick any grade and any subject i want to target – i still can’t decide if i want to target younger or older kids. i really want to do something with silly bands…lol. i was trying to come up with something about DNA? i dunno. hah. any and all of your suggestions are WELCOME!

      • Ariel says:

        Ok….so one of my best friends did TFA and she said that they aren’t looking for you to be cool or fancy they just too see if you can ACTUALLY teach something in 5 minutes. She said you need to pick a small objective like what is 2+2 and then use some kind of manipulative to be able to teach that (i.e. silly bands). You could also teach what the letter “O” looks like with silly bands as you stretch them and then teach them how to write “O”. She said that the “class” you teach is all of the other candidates so they may not be real into what you’re doing but the TFA people don’t care they only care about whether or not you can teach your objective in 5 minutes! If you can meet your objective in 5 minutes you’re golden.
        If you want to teach a quick lesson on paragraphs (older kiddos) I have a fun hamburger graphic organizer I can email to you–it has all of the components a paragraph should have. Let me know if you need anything else. I can probably even get you her phone number if you want to talk to her more about it 🙂

  3. marissa says:

    I love that you are taking Emily with you. I am not a very good teacher. So I will offer prayer. 🙂

  4. Liz Baker says:

    What if you did a basic ballet move? Is that totally lame?

    • Hope Naomi says:

      liz – i LOVE that you suggested that. i thought about doing something with dance, but it doesn’t seem to fit too well in a major school subject – unless it was history of ballet, or something. but thanks for your idea – it made me smile 🙂

  5. Lisa C says:

    hey Hope

    I agree, the semi colon is a tough subject because its used in all sorts of ways, often wrongly. I like 2 + 2 idea – though not if its been done before. Could you teach a process? eg, how a flower grows from a seed to a flower or how water boils in a kettle? can just imagine a nice flow diagram and perhaps a few props along the way…..

    and my vote is with SAN FRAN (AMAZING city)


  6. Mr Brown says:

    The content of your lesson doesn’t matter at all. What they are looking for is your ability to pick a single, clearly defined objective, teach it, keep the kid’s interest, and assess it. I taught the difference between First Past the Post/Proportional Election Systems, others did 1st grade stuff. Remember, those 5 min go fast!

    I’d also avoid teaching in Cali if I was you, given their budgetary problems and TFA’s issues with getting the SF and LA Corps placed quickly.

    Good luck!

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