oh, life.

Snuggling in bed with my sister as we watch Modern Family and laugh about how we used to read each other’s diaries.

Sitting outside at Starbucks, preparing for my TFA interview and sipping on a Raspberry White Hot Chocolate – I thought the drink would be good. It wasn’t. The leaves from the nearby tree fall into my hair. I overhear two mothers talking about their teenage daughters.

Having a clothing exchange with some girls from my small group. Eating chips and dip and drinking lemonade and talking about all sorts of things.

Praising Jesus on the treadmill. And when I clean the kitchen.

Feeling lonely sometimes. Not because I’m single, but because my closest single friends live at least two hours away, or in Texas or Chicago or Seattle. Anywhere but here.

Listening to Belle and Sebastion as I coast down Riverside Drive.

Having weird, dark dreams at night. Emailing a Christian guy who interprets dreams, and asking him what some of them mean.

Fuji apple chicken salad from Panera. Delicious.

Smiling at the cute, bearded red-head who works at the library, and wondering if he judges me for reading trashy magazines and spending most of my time in the audio/visual section.

Applying for jobs. At the mall. Maybe I’ll be an elf in Santa’s Wonderland.

Take-out Chinese food that wasn’t very good. A disappointment.

Finally finishing that 1,000 page novel. Ready to start something new.

Excited to go to Georgia for World Race Training Camp. Can’t believe it’s so soon.

Wondering about the future. When will I get a job? Where will I be in January? Will I get into Teach for America? Learning patience.

Realizing that heartbreak takes a while to get over. Crying over old diary entries late one night.

Wishing I hadn’t left my favorite pair of flip flops in Kentucky last weekend. It was so cold and I thought I would never need them again. Now it’s 85 degrees, and I really wish I had them.

Still having chronic diarrhea. Why why why?

Learning about human trafficking in Ohio – over 1,000 children are estimated to be involved in domestic miner sex trafficking in this state.

Brunch with my brother and sister. Telling stories and laughing so hard we sometimes pound the table with our fists. People stare. We don’t care.

Baking pumpkin whoopie cookies for my small group tonight. Licking the bowl too many times. Making a mess.

…these are the moments that make up my life. At least in the last few days.


About Hope Naomi

Lover of all things tea and travel.
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7 Responses to oh, life.

  1. Lindsay says:

    Sorry you’re still having health problems… Wonder if chronic D is due to meds you’re on.

    Are you considering another World Race tour or are alum encouraged to go to training camps?

    • Hope Naomi says:

      world race alum are encouraged to go to training camps to “give back” by volunteering and helping make the camp run more smoothly for those who are getting ready to go out on the field. thanks for asking!

  2. shanaynegans says:

    I like those things.

  3. jolie says:

    dude, you should’ve finished the medicine!

    did you use the whoopie pie recipe I posted? 🙂

    • Hope Naomi says:

      i DID use the whoopie pie recipe you posted – ever since i saw it i’ve been dying to make it. i doubled the recipe, which was a feat in itself, and i think i made the whoopie pies WAY TOO BIG, lol, but they still tasted great! thanks for the recommendation!

  4. realpinkjulz says:

    I have been following your blog…great posts by the way.
    Today I was watching tv and the girls on the show were from TFA. I had never heard about that until you mentioned it in a blog. I am keeping you in prayer for God’s will.

  5. Rothman says:

    my comment: Diaarea (can’t spell it), might be due to either A) panera food (gives me the runs everytime) B) any hot chocolate of any kind (whote choc. rasberry) or C) pumpkin whoopie cookie bowl licking incident 2010.

    just my thoughts… they’d all give me “the D” (know from experience)

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