favorite thing #178:

Today I did one of my favorite things – I went to the movies by myself.

Now, I’m not one to usually pay full price for a movie – especially when I’m unemployed, so these days I wait around for all the cool movies to make it to the nearby dollar theater. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Inception and Eat Pray Love, both which premiered at the dollar theater a week or so ago. Now I can finally be like everyone else and talk about how tripped out Inception is, but most importantly I can once again watch Leo on the big screen.

When I found out those movies arrived at the dollar theater I knew the time was approaching for me to see a movie by myself – I just didn’t expect it to be today. Which is why it was even better. I spent the morning at my sister’s, dying her hair and eating breakfast and reading the NY Times. Then I came home and read The Columbus Dispatch, which contained local movie times. It was then I decided that I would see an early evening showing of The Kids Are All Right, because my sister had mentioned it and I was intrigued.

So I was really excited to go to the movies – except for one thing. Bed bugs. They have taken over central Ohio and aren’t soon to leave. I read about it in the newspaper everyday and I have to admit I’m getting a little paranoid. I googled “how to avoid bed bugs in a movie theater” before I left, but didn’t find any advice. I did, however, find out about an AMC theater in Times Square that had to remove seats due to a bed bug outbreak in August. So that made me even more nervous. I decided to take trash bags with me to cover my seat.

I walked into the theater and was surprised to see other people were there – how did they know about this indie movie? And why were they seeing it at 5:00 on a Sunday night? Basically I was embarrassed to be seen covering my seat with trash bags – especially since they were glowing white. But I decided that bringing bed bugs back home with me and eventually having to burn all our furniture was worse than being a freak to a bunch of strangers. So I put the trash bags down. While I was doing it I wanted to say, “Look, I’m NOT a freak. I’m not doing this because I’m a germaphobe. I’m don’t even use toilet seat covers in public restrooms. I just don’t want bed bugs, OKAY!?!?” But instead I just sat down as soon as I could on my white trash bags and stared at the screen in front of me.

I began to wonder if I was being a bit too extreme. I mean, no one else seemed to care about potentially contracting bed bugs at this cheap movie theater. But then, right as the movie began my sister texted me this: “don’t buy anything at old navy for a while…heard there’s a bed bug outbreak at their distribution center.” Alas, my freakiness was justified.

The movie was pretty good – the best part about it was that I was alone. I love seeing movies by myself because I can laugh and cry and whisper to myself without a care in the world. Also, if there is an inappropriate scene I don’t have to feel awkward. Also, I love sitting through the credits because I like closing my eyes and listening to the song or reading all the names of the stunt doubles and costume designers and whatnot. I don’t know anyone who prefers to sit through the credits, so it’s a real treat when I’m able to do so.

When I got up to leave, I noticed another older couple was still sitting in their seats. I loved them so much in that moment. Not only did they sit through all the credits…they were also a biracial couple. He was Asian and she was Caucasian. Cuteeeee.

If you haven’t seen a movie by yourself I urge you to do so! It’s incredibly freeing and relaxing. Just make sure you don’t forget your trash bags…


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11 Responses to favorite thing #178:

  1. rachelbaransi says:

    will you date me?

    i think you’re fantastic. i’ve been wrestling some thoughts and really love the things you say in the boy-fast post. ahhhhh, i can relate. i really appreciate your blogs.

    thank you for being.

  2. marissavilla says:

    Weird. I saw a movie by myself today too!

  3. Rothman says:

    i almost went today to see inception at 7pm at the cheap theatre… but I was to cozy in my apartment watching grey’s… season 5… I might this week… probably tuesday… unless I drag Shayna with me… 🙂

    • shanaynegans says:

      Allie, if you see Inception by yourself I will murder you in your sleep because we are supposed to see that together.

  4. shanaynegans says:


    You writing is so wonderful. I can picture everything happening like I am the person sitting behind you in the theater watching you put trash bags on your seat.

    I love the first picture in this blog, it’s perfect. Can we phone chat sometime this week? How do you add the widget things like other links to people’s blogs on your home page? Can we phone chat sometime this week?

    Bed Bugs now I’m nervous. Will they die in the winter time? Have you listened to your cd’s yet?

    Love you, please come to Toledo this week. I’ll make you eggs, pancakes, waffles, an omlett, hash browns, fruit cup, potatoe puffs, bagels, toast, jam, fresh squeezed oj, vegetarian sausage, vegetarian hot dogs, and spaghetti for breakfast!!!!!!!!!

  5. shanaynegans says:

    Can we phone chat sometime this week?

  6. shanaynegans says:

    I tried to be obnoxious and write “Can we phone chat sometime this week”? again and I got yelled at by the blog comment police.

    Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!

  7. Dave says:

    Not too extreme at all. The bed bugs have made me a bit nervous, too, especially considering how regularly I sleep in a Dayton hotel. Maybe I should take a tarp.

  8. Halley says:

    I love you so much. Just went to the movies by myself. Everyone thinks I’m so weird. Well, I can’t argue with that. But I’m glad you understand. Also loved Inception. And Leo.

  9. Bono says:

    Philosophical, theological or atmospheric (thus, nostalgia-inducing) films are best enjoyed alone because, afterward, you get the experience of walking out of the theater and driving in your car and digesting it. You get to really reflect and analyze and it’s good for the brain.

    The best films of all-time to see alone are “Rattle & Hum” and “U2-3D”.

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