starbucks and christmas.

I was at Starbucks this morning, which was a real treat because my brother paid for my drink. I don’t know why, but every time I’m out in public with my brother I fear that people assume we’re dating. I always want to tell our waiter or whoever, “Actually, we’re not together. We’re brother and sister, you sicko.” But I never do. Our barista this morning had to have thought we were dating because my brother bought my drink. But oh well.

We sat down at a table with our drinks, and my brother asked how my boy fast was going, which I thought was cute. And then he showed me this clip of him dancing crazy at a restaurant a few nights ago, and I was proud.

Eventually he left to go to class, and I moved over to one of those big, comfortable green chairs. I opened my computer to do something productive, like update my brother’s status because he left his facebook logged in, and after that I found myself reserving a billion books from the library. How does that happen? I never even read all of them. At least I can say I dream big…

And then I noticed that the guy to my right was reading his Bible. And then I heard a couple of ladies at a nearby table chatting about God and church and stuff. All while I was vigorously copying down quotes from a Christian book. I laughed and thought about how Christians loooove coffee shops.

But really, at one point I laughed at loud (I think it may have been when I was remembering the bizarre family dinner we had last night), and I’m pretty sure this one lady thought I was laughing at her.

I love when people are by themselves and they laugh out loud. Because you know they are really laughing.

In other news, I’m getting really excited for the holiday season. Like, the anticipation consumes me. I think it’s because last year I didn’t really get to experience the holiday season – I was in Israel for Thanksgiving and Turkey for Christmas. Wow I just realized that was kind of confusing because I wrote Thanksgiving and then Turkey right after.

Thanksgiving was one of my favorite days on the World Race, while Christmas ranks pretty low on my list. I’ll probably talk about these experiences in the coming weeks, but basically I felt like we were playing house when we celebrated them. Like we were pretending that it was Thanksgiving/Christmas when really is wasn’t.

Anyway, my whole point is that I feel like I haven’t lived through the holiday season in two years, and I’m ready to make up for everything I missed out on last year. I’m ready to eat twice as many Christmas cookies and listen to twice as much Christmas music and watch twice as many Christmas movies. I keep staring at the spot where our Christmas tree normally stands, and every so often I’ll yell out ‘CHRISTMAS TREE!’ when my Dad walks by. He responds by saying, “Ummm, not yet. Not for a while, actually.”

At least Starbucks is already decorating their cups according to the holiday season. I can appreciate that.


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One Response to starbucks and christmas.

  1. shanaynegans says:

    Ahhh I know what you mean about the dating thing. When I was walking around campus with my brother at Clemson this past February I was hoping WISHING praying that people would think of me as a cool Clemson student and also I was thinking ew they probably all think we’re dating. We ate at a pizza place by ourselves and our waitor was so cute and I wanted to say, ummm just so you know he’s my brother and I’m single. We went to a party together and I made sure to say BROTHER LUKE when I would call out his name. Then awhile back he had a facebook picture of of the two of us at our cousins wedding and people starting commenting “Luke is there something we need to know” “Is that your gf?” and he responded “Chill…it’s my sista”. Ugghhh Gross.

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