my life is but a mist.

Lately my life has felt like it’s moving in fast motion – like that part Home Alone when they wake up late and then run up and down the stairs and all around in double time. My life has only been like this since a week ago, really, but it seems like it will continue.

It’s kind of bizarre that Thanksgiving is tomorrow, because then it’s basically Christmas, and then after that I go to Nicaragua and before you know it Prince William is married and the final Harry Potter movie comes out. All of a sudden I’m 30 years old and there’s an iPhone 17.0 and gas prices are $5 a gallon. Then I’m 60 with grandkids and 80 with dentures and then my life is over if I’m average. Wow. Does anyone else ever think like this?

My life has seemed to move faster because I’ve been busier. Raking leaves with my brother, meeting a friend in Cincinnati, coffee dates, celebrating birthdays, attending the symphony, house party, lunch date, going away party, staying up late to read a really good book, phone conversations, emails, writing blurbs for other people, writing for myself, watching the latest How I Met Your Mother and Modern Family episodes, working out, working for my mom, one too many cups of hot chocolate, Monday night small group, listening to the Shins and consequently remembering my freshman year of college, choosing to walk in freedom from unhealthy emotional attachments, missing Africa, minor facebook stalking, praying by my bed, reserving way too many books at the library, listening to Christmas Carols on the radio, not writing in my diary but thinking about doing it, writing letters, blogging, planning, trying to live in the present – these are the moments that have made up my life this past week.

Today my younger siblings and I will depart on a six-hour journey to Buffalo, NY – our first time traveling there without the parentals (they are leaving tomorrow morning.) We’re pretty excited. We still sit at the kids table and we’re proud of it.

And then we’ll come home and it will nearly be December, which will be busy with lots of things, and so the cycle goes. Ohhh, life. Sometimes you move so slowly, other times it seems you’ll be over before I know it.


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Lover of all things tea and travel.
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One Response to my life is but a mist.

  1. Shannon says:

    I’ve been thinking about this same thing a lot lately, too. All the apprentices are reading about becoming highly effective people and it’s got me thinking about what I want my life to look like. Maybe we should talk about it sometime 🙂

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