my brother paul.

Wily, he is so mean. He always makes me watch the sheep. He gets to watch the bread. That right he gets to watch the bread, none the less eat it! So right about now is where you are wondering why does Wily have to watch bread. Things are different now. The bread has rebelled and the vegetables are getting weaker. 10 years ago bread was bread but then the bread though why just sit here and be eaten. Thats when the bread gathered together and fought us with their spatulas. Now we have bread police to keep them quiet.

my brother Paul wrote this. I found it in the study a few days ago. I can’t tell you how happy this story makes me.

Today Paul turns 14. It’s hard to believe that in a year and a half he’ll be driving. To me he is still a baby. When I was away on the World Race his voice changed and he went through a growth spurt – when I saw him after a year gone by I was shocked that he was taller than me.

Paul is one of the funniest people I know. I wish I could tell you the stories – but you really have to be there. He has great timing (…it’s always the most random, sporadic timing that catches all of us off guard.) So often when I’m with him I wish I carried a tape recorder. I try to write down what he says but it’s never the same.

Me: Paul…when was the last time you took a shower?
Paul: A month ago.
Me: Paul that’s not funny.
Paul: It may not be funny, but it’s true.

Sometimes when I walk into the study he’ll quickly minimize whatever he’s doing on the computer. I know that boys usually discover inappropriate stuff when they’re twelve or whatever, so I always get a sick feeling in my stomach when I ask him what he was watching. “Nothing,” he’ll respond nervously. This happened a few days ago, and I pressured him to show me what he had been doing. “I was watching an iPad commercial,” he finally told me. “Really? Well show me then.” He reluctantly maximized the Internet page, and sure enough it was a YouTube video of an iPad commercial. I was so relieved (…and slightly impressed.) This same interaction happened a few weeks ago, except it was an orchestra video he was watching. I love him so much in those moments.

I don’t want my baby brother to grow up. I don’t want him to lose the childhood innocence he still has. I don’t want him to stop writing about bread revolutions or watching harmless YouTube videos. I don’t want him to lose his bizarre, unfeigned humor.

A few years ago I was feeling like Christmas had lost all it’s charm, but then Paul and I had a photo shoot with our presents in front of the fireplace and suddenly I felt like a kid again:

We did the same thing the following year…

And I hope to do it again this year.

I already miss the days when he could sit on my lap (…now I’d be the one sitting on his lap)

Oh man. Kids grow up so fast these days. I have a lot of fun with my 21-year-old brother Philip, but it’s not the same kind of fun I have with Paul.

With Paul I still play…

And I know it’s quickly coming to an end. Before I know it Paul will have a cell phone and a girlfriend and he will no longer say things like, “sometimes I use words even though I don’t know what they mean. Like establishment – I say it but I have no idea what it means.”

Happy birthday, Paul. I don’t want you to grow up but I know the person you’re becoming is going to be a bigger and better version of who you are now. I love you.


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4 Responses to my brother paul.

  1. chelseakim says:

    umm paul is sooo awesome. also your glasses in that one picture. oh, and your superman shirt. wowsss. one of my favorite paul moments is, “…smithy died.”

  2. sheila says:

    loving this post! It reminds me so much of my sweet brother, who will be 13 on Thursday. So bummed I can’t spend the day with him! 😦

  3. shanaynegans says:

    “I don’t want him to stop writing about bread revolutions or watching harmless YouTube videos.”

    Bread revolutions…I lol’d. My brother posted a video on my facebook wall the other day of the songs from the computer game monopoly. Made me smile because we used to play monopoly on the computer for HOURS. Little brothers are the best.

  4. jolie says:

    I love Paul too. He’s so fresh and funny and yes, innocent. I love that about him. Love those Christmas pictures.

    But most of all I love the baby Hope in these pictures, lol.

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