baby it’s cold outside.

Sometimes I think I could stay inside forever. Don’t get me wrong, I love the outdoors, but on these colder, snowy days I look outside and think, “Mmm, no thanks.” Staying inside one day is fine, but I could go a week or more and it would still be fine. I guess that’s not normal.

So today I forced myself to go out. I put on jeans, which was a feat in itself. And then my brother Philip and I went to a coffee shop. We stayed a whole two hours. Another feat.

Now I’m back in my plaid pajama pants, listening to the crackling fire and sneaking glances at our big, beautiful Christmas tree that stands before me. The new Coldplay single, “Christmas Lights,” just came on my iTunes. I’ll probably drink some hot cocoa soon, even though I told myself I wouldn’t.

Soon this will all be over. Christmastime, living at home, the year 2010. And then a new season of life will begin.

I’ve had good times, but it’s been one of those seasons where I’m not really sad for it to end. More on that later.

In other news, my 19-year-old sister Melody put this on her Christmas list:

It’s the world’s largest gummy worm – “three pounds and 4,000 calories of gummy goodness.” It has a yearlong shelf life, and it cost $30.

I thought she was so cool for wanting that – my older sister Grace did not agree: “I showed people at my work the gummy thing and they all agreed it’s gross.”

Oh man. People are funny.


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