can’t sleep. so i blog.

Lately it’s become my habit to wear the exact same outfit two days in a row. I almost went for three days this week – I can’t remember what stopped me. Maybe I never changed out of my pajamas that day. Due to the World Race, where I wore essentially the same outfit for three weeks straight, two or three days in a row is no big deal.

I remember in college when my friend Fadia wore the same outfit two days in a row – I was stunned. She wore it with such confidence and I remember being a little jealous. Now I wonder if anyone is jealous of me wearing the same outfit two days in a row. The problem is I never see anyone two days in a row. So I guess not.

Today my 19-year-old sister got a GINORMOUS package in the mail from her boyfriend (they’ve been apart for like…three days.) He paid twenty bucks to ship it. For a second I thought it would be fun to have a boyfriend. Later in the day I received my own package in the mail – it was from my bff in Seattle. It wasn’t the size of an old fashioned microwave, but still. Who needs boyfriends when you have best friends?

Tonight I watched two old movies – Holiday Inn (1942) and Christmas in Connecticut (1945). They were SO GOOD. I love old movies. I’m always surprised at how culturally relevant they are and how basically any modern movie is a play off an older movie. If you’ve never given older movies a chance, you should. Why not start with Holiday Inn? It’s one of my new favs. Bing Crosby is so cute!

Christmas is so close. ANOTHER CHRISTMAS. I always wonder how that happens. Because right now Christmas 2011 seems a light year away, but next thing I know I’ll be wrapping presents and singing Christmas Carols once again. I really like Christmas Carols and sometimes wonder why, as Christians, we don’t sing them all the time. We sing about the death and resurrection of Jesus all the time, you know? So why not sing about his birth all the time.

I believe Christmas Carols are some of the most beautifully written Christian songs ever. Have you heard/read/sang all the verses? They carry such power, such truth. Such sadness and hope. I never liked the song “O Come O Come Emmanuel” because it always creeped me out. It’s so dark and eire. But this year I reflected on the words and meaning, and then I understood why it’s so dark – it’s the mournful cry of humanity. Yet through our suffering we rejoice.

Well I’m getting tired now. It’s nearly 2 a.m. – Merry Christmas Eve to you all.


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