it came and went.

New Year’s Eve: chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, bumming around all day in sweats, late afternoon trip to Target and Kroger, makeup/curling iron/pretty clothes, photo shoot, potluck with Dad’s Bible study group, driving in the car/jamming to music, party hats/noise makers/confetti, delicious appetizers & sparkling grape juice, playing catch phrase, counting down to midnight, screaming, dancing, listening to the songs “the new year” and “transatlanticism” on the way home, texting happy new year, pajama pants, falling asleep on the pullout couch with my sister, pouring rain, the end.


About Hope Naomi

Lover of all things tea and travel.
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One Response to it came and went.

  1. lauren says:

    happy new year!!! i love you.
    oh, and did i mention you look smokin’ in all of your new year’s eve pictures?
    because you do.

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