dear future boyfriend…

Just so you know, I’m a girl with one of “those” dads. Meaning: in order to get to me you’re going to have to deal with my dad. No, he doesn’t have a shotgun – it’s worse. He arms himself with the Word of God (which is said to be sharper than a double-edged sword…yowza.)

Anytime before I leave for a new adventure my dad looks me in the eye and says, “Now remember. If you meet a guy you need to have him call me.”

I wish I could tell you what to expect during this phone call, but I only have my assumptions. This much I know: he will ask you about the Bible, so you’d better know your stuff. Brush up on those Old Testament stories and be prepared to recite some scripture. Maybe memorize a few of the Apostle Paul’s letters and Psalm 119, just to be safe.

My dad doesn’t mess around. He will ask you difficult questions (about the Bible and your life.) He may challenge you. I’m not sure if the purity talk happens during the first phone conversation or if he waits to do that in person, but you can be sure that it will happen at one point or another.

My younger sister’s boyfriend is visiting these days, and last night my dad pulled him into our living room for some one-on-one bonding. I was in another room when I heard my dad say, “…now I want to share with you one of ten qualities that make up a man.”

After I heard that I turned to my brother and said, “Aren’t you glad you are a boy in our family rather than a boy dating a girl in our family?” He loved that. We pounded fists and laughed.

My dad knows who he is, who God is, and while he may not hold you to the same standard as himself, he will surely want you to demonstrate that you are on a similar journey. You should be a man of great humility and integrity.

Also, just so you know, my dad has given me reason to have high expectations for a guy. He is respected, respectful, dependable, hardworking, humble, hilarious, courageous, a man of his word and a man who knows the Word. He’s been crazy about Jesus since he became a Christian as a teenager. He wasn’t allowed to go to Bible study at the time, so he told his mom he was going for a “run” and then he would run five miles to Bible study. He would stay up all night studying the Bible instead of cramming for an exam. Kids in high school called him a “Jesus Freak” (…and that was before DC Talk made it cool.) He joined a fraternity in college so he could share Jesus with those guys.

Basically, you kind of have a lot to live up to.

I assume that’s one of the reasons we’re not together right now. You are in the process of becoming such a man (…while I am in the process of becoming who I’m meant to be.)

I just wanted to give you a heads up so you know what you’re getting yourself into…

Yeah. That’s my dad.

Prepare yourself, future boyfriend. I advise you to find a good deodorant because I guarantee my dad will make you sweat. And maybe you should start growing some of those Jesus mushrooms in your closet.

That’s all really.

Your future sugar pie honey bunch.


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5 Responses to dear future boyfriend…

  1. Robin says:

    This is so cool! Your dad is amazing.
    And also, this is my new favorite video, if only because your brother says, very quietly, “It’s a darker color.”

    I have a such a huge Family Crush on your fam! love you, Hope!

  2. hilary says:

    Love how Paul looks at the camera and shrugs his shoulders! I died laughing at that part!

  3. mac says:

    hope…i know you know, but let me just say it anyway. this is how a dad is supposed to be the protector of his family. someone who sets a high standard. someone who, if over-protective, is so out of love, not out of fear. (not saying your dad is over-protective.) someone who educates and has hard talks because he cares about the deepest well-being of his children.

    it is so cool to hear about a dad that is actually like this. this is the kind of father (and man) i hope for, but have so few examples of. (i really hope my own dad doesn’t read this. because he’s not like this. he loves me…just, well, in very different ways.)

    i love reading about a dad who equips, who speaks truth, who passes on things to the next generation, and intentionally so. a dad who’s business is his family. i love that, and get the sense your dad is that way. and it’s encouraging.

    please tell him that just hearing about him from his daughter shows he is having an impact, and it gives hope to those of us who long to do the same when it’s our turn. he’s an example without trying to be. he’s an example by doing what his heart longs to. and i know he isn’t perfect or anything…but i hope he knows how wonderful he must be doing to have a daughter that not only loves him, but honors him and cherishes him. that….that is cool.

    also…in the philippines now. and loving it.

  4. “you want to try it paul?”

    hope this video is such a GEM. i love you keep writing so i can keep stalking. i just caught up on everything since christmas. i almost cried several times. woman you are such a wonderful person and you make my heart happy.


  5. jolie says:

    Somebody already said this, but I love when your dad is like, “See the message SHINING THROUGH!?” And Paul goes, “it’s a darker color..” then later says, “not your best metaphor” LOL.

    I miss your family.

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