good ole late night ramblings…

I’ve been trying to update my blog more frequently. My original plan was to post twice a week during my time here in Nicaragua…sigh. I can be such a dreamer sometimes.

It’s Sunday night and I’m lying in bed. I should go to sleep right now if I have any hopes of getting the recommended eight hours of sleep – what can I say, I’m a rebel. I’m blogging instead.

Usually when I’m feeling rebellious I try to do something subtle, something secretive. When I’m the only one who knows what I’m doing I feel more defiant. A few years ago I was your typical I’m-so-over-the-American-church Christian. I still went to one, however, only because I was living in a new city and apart from my roommates I didn’t have any friends. On Easter Sunday I was feeling pissed off because I knew everyone would dress up and all the girls would wear cute skirts and dresses and maybe I didn’t want to…so I wore my Spiderman shirt instead. I thought I was being so sly, but my roommate Erin took one look at me and said, “Are you wearing that shirt as a protest?” Busted.

In the Philippines last year I did something similar. I was sick of being told I had to wear a skirt to church for the mere reason that I am a woman and that’s what we’re expected to do. So one day I wore my jean shorts. It was such a rush.

I wore a skirt to church today.

But then I hitchhiked, which always makes me feel a little unruly.

What else is new in my life. I confess I’m beginning to like Taylor Swift. I know, I know… I’m like three years too late. She was always a bit to twangy for me, but my girls blast her all the time and I’m beginning to sing along and actually care about that fateful December night when she broke up with that one guy.

I’ve also been listening to Brandi Carlile’s album “Give up the Ghost” – it immediately takes me back to all my feelings from last fall. It’s incredible how music can do that to you. When I hear Feist I always think of the summer of 2007. Grateful Dead? December 2008. Bright Eyes always makes me think of this one guy. I wonder if I’ll always think of Nicaragua whenever I hear Taylor Swift. Probably.

I watched Garden State a few days ago. It’s weird because I remember the first time I saw that movie – September 2004. I was a freshman at college and everything was still new and exciting. I went to see Garden State with a group of people I had recently met – I sat next to a cute boy and made sure to laugh loudly throughout the movie so he would notice me. I can be so dumb sometimes.

Since then Garden State has remained one of my favorite movies. I watched it for a second time the spring of 2005 after my grandpa died. And I’ve watched it so many times since then. It’s one of the few movies I will actually watch over and over again (…I usually don’t like watching the same movies twice.) Watching it this time freaked me out a little, however, because I realized I am almost as old as the characters in the movie. They are 26 – an age that used to be incomprehensible to me. Not any more…gulp.

I did watch 13 Going on 30 recently…thankfully 30 still feels far away. Also Mark Ruffalo is so cute.

Right now: dogs barking and a whistle blowing in the distance. Things are never quiet in Nicaragua.

But I really should go to sleep now.



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2 Responses to good ole late night ramblings…

  1. chels says:

    so many things to respond to. bright eyes…haha remember when i laughed in bed for like an hour in kenya?? remember when you and colby watched 13 going on 30? i watched garden state with beks in vietnam….it was her first time ever. my millionth. also TAYLOR SWIFT YES.

  2. shanaynegans says:

    Hope you are so Freakin funny and so random. Spiderman t-shirt ahaha!!! You are a light on a day when all I want to do is sit in the dark and cry. Emo-ness is something new that I picked up just recently.

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