it’s almost over.

I think I broke my butt. Yesterday we rented bikes; today we can’t stop limping. The adventure was worth it though. It usually is.

We only have a few days left here in Nicaragua – we’re spending them on the Isle of Ometepe for our final debrief. As we biked around the island yesterday I felt so alive, so myself. It was a difficult ride – sweat and sunscreen melted off our bodies. I could feel my face burning red. And like I said, that bike seat violated me something fierce. I hope I’m still able to give birth.

We stopped to eat by the lake and drink smoothies under a hut. We dipped our feet in the water and lay out in our sports bras. We ventured through the woods to find a lagoon. We marveled at the big, beautiful volcano in front of us. We took pictures, spelling out l-o-v-e with our bodies.


Today we went to a natural spring. It was so fresh and cool – exactly what we needed after our hot and tiring expedition yesterday. I lay in a hammock and swung off a rope into the water and placed an order for tacos as I floated.

My life is a bit surreal right now.

On Sunday we said goodbye to our Nicaraguan friends and families – I didn’t cry. Everyone else cried. Why didn’t I cry? Honestly, I think I was a bit shocked. So much was happening around me and so many tears were being shed and I just stood there, hugging people and feeling slightly numb. I’m sure it will hit me later and I’ll experience that familiar ache in my stomach – the one I get when I truly, deeply miss someone/the way things used to be. I hate that ache. But I also love it, because it acknowledges that I’ve been blessed with meaningful seasons and relationships.

My girls and I talk about going home, about the end of all this and the beginning of our new lives…but we usually feel like we’re talking about a movie or somebody else’s life. It just doesn’t feel real.

The future, this summer, is full of promise – road trips, weddings, moving to Georgia, developing relationships, embarking on a new chapter of life.

As this journey ends, another one sets off.

And so the cycle continues.


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3 Responses to it’s almost over.

  1. shanaynegans says:

    “I hate that ache. But I also love it, because it acknowledges that I’ve been blessed with meaningful seasons and relationships.”

    I love that. Such a good way to rethink the aches I feel about “How things used to be”. Thinking of them as being blessed. Awesome! You’re awesome. Love the love pic.

    Bikes are rough. I feel the same way after I ride mechanical bulls.

  2. dan says:

    i echo bull riders comment…thanks for interpreting that pain in a positive way, it’s so true!

    glad youre coming back…and glad you had this opportunity! you blessed a lotta people while you were out there, good for you!

  3. marissa says:

    i just had one of those aches not only after reading your blog, but dan’s comment…calling shayna bull rider. haha. i miss yall. i’m excited to see what god does for you next…

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