can’t think of a title…cool. (not.)

Last night I woke up and had a mini panic attack – I had absolutely no idea where I was. I didn’t know if I was in Nicaragua or at training camp or somewhere in between. I couldn’t figure out my surroundings for what felt like a substantial amount of time. It was really weird. I don’t recommend it.

Yesterday I went to the library – my favorite library. I spent a lot of time there last fall. Almost as soon as I walked in I saw the cute, redheaded librarian who was always there. I borrowed a pencil from him once. I used to wonder if he judged me for flipping through Cosmo after reading Christianity Today. Seeing him again made me question if any time had passed…was it still last fall?

Basically, I’m wigging out a little bit.

What else is new in my life.

I dyed my hair today. I like to cut or dye my hair when I’m entering a new season of life. Also, whenever I get my hair done at a salon I pretend I’m a celebrity and this is just my everyday life…duh.

Oh, and lately I’ve been stalking. I found this terrific blog by a married couple – Julia and Yuriy. They got married in September and set off on their own World Race – 6 months, 16 countries. Instead of a wedding registry they created a travel registry so people could “buy” them a romantic dinner in Paris, for example. They are ridiculously adorable and I couldn’t hep myself…I added them on facebook. I usually don’t do that, but they didn’t have a bajillion friends like I thought they would, so I figured they could use one more. I’ve already “liked” their statuses and I’m hoping we can hang out in Seattle when I go there in July. Fingers crossed.

Welp! That’s all I have to say. There’s lots stuck in my head but it won’t come out. Not yet, at least.


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Lover of all things tea and travel.
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