25 and alive.

Yesterday I turned 25.


I remember a few years ago when 25 seemed ancient. Really, it was incomprehensible to me. (I know, I know, anyone who is older than 25 right now is rolling their eyes at me.) But, in all honesty, it’s still a bit incomprehensible to me. I’m 25? Ummmmmmmm when did that happen? And what does this mean?

This much I know: I’ve missed my chance to ever make it on Hollywood’s 25 Hottest Actors Under 25 list…bummer.

Also, if my 25th year turns out to be half as good as my 25th birthday, then I’m good to go.

[warning: I’m about to write one of those “this is what I did, this is what I ate” blog posts…so yeah. read at your own risk.]

The day before my birthday my girls Erin, Allie and Shayna drove down from Toledo to spend the night. We spent the afternoon sitting around the dining room table as we talked about all sorts of things. We drove to Kroger and bought a bunch of junk food on my mom’s credit card (…thanks, Mom.) Oh, and we got a Redbox movie. It was my first time and I’m kind of obsessed. Only a dollar and seven cents? Really? Yeah, I’m behind on the times.

After popping a frozen vegetarian lasagna in the oven we went for a walk. I. love. walks. Especially on a summer evening – it makes me feel alive. We came back and sat around the kitchen table as we waited for the veggie lasagna to finish (note to self: frozen lasagnas take a LONG TIME to cook.)

The evening ended with ice cream, movie, girl talk (translation: talking about boys), sleeping in a pile on the floor. From the outside it might’ve looked like I was turning 12…not 25. Don’t be fooled.

In the morning my sister, my brother-in-law and his parents (who are visiting from Tanzania) came over. I met William’s parents when I was in Tanzania on the World Race. Weird? I think so. We had a big brunch – my girls and I sat at the kid’s table with my younger brothers. My brothers are so cool – they are [somewhat] nerdy and [extremely] hilarious. At least I think so.

After brunch we began preparing for my cookout – sour cream burgers and a variety of kabobs. I. love. kabobs. It’s kind of my dream to cook kabobs over a bonfire at my wedding (…not that I’m planning it, or anything.)


And then people came over. Lots of people – friends from high school and college. It was a glimpse into my dream come true. (My dream = all my friends live in a line of houses on the same street and we share a heart-shaped swimming pool in the backyard.) Seriously though, I love when different groups of friends meet each other. This was happening and I couldn’t stop smiling. Also, I loved how Alie&Crystal&Benji were at my 16th and 17th birthday party in this same house – nine years later and we’re still going strong. Oh and how Alie&Crystal&Benji&Liz&Jolie&Jamie were all at my 21st birthday at my sister’s apartment. Basically I love long-lasting friendships and loyalty and all that sentimental shizzz.

It was hot, we ate a lot, we had a good time.

When the party died down Erin, Allie, Shayna and I sat on the back deck and tanned our legs. Followed by a photo shoot, of course.



Eventually they left for Toledo…my sis and I went to return the Redbox movie. And get another one, of course. (…I got in trouble for bringing an R-rated movie into my parent’s house, whoops. 25 and I’m still getting in trouble. Oh, the life of a has-been home schooler.)

And now, here I sit…25 and one day old. Who cares that I’ve never had a boyfriend – at least I can rent a car now.

It’s going to be a good year. Full of places and relationships. I feel it in my ancient bones.

(P.S. Oh and thanks, Shayna, for the “Embrace Aging” poster…)


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5 Responses to 25 and alive.

  1. shanaynegans says:

    I love it, and I love that you pronounce Adele like Ad-a-lee

  2. marissa says:

    I always forget how old you are. I’m glad you had it in the title. And then mention it a time or two in the post.

  3. marissa says:

    Another thing: remember how you thought it was cute when we were cold in Georgia? I think it’s cute that you said it was hot in Ohio. 😉

  4. i love you, i love you, i love you.

    i’m totally stealing your heart-shaped-pool and adding it to my dream, of living in community with the dreamers and the liv-ers i know!

    oh, how happy you make this beating heart.

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