So…it’s been a while. I’ve been pretty busy. I like it, but I miss my late night walks. I went for one last night and was practically giddy. I attempted some phone calls, but no one answered so instead I prayed. I think God wanted it that way. I stared up at the dark sky and thanked him for all the blessings in my life.

April 3, 2011: It’s so weird to me that I have no idea what my next season of life is going to look like. Where will I live? Who will be my friends? What will I do? Will I like it? 

I can’t get over my life right now. It’s such a beautiful surprise. I was terrified to move down here – I figured I’d have no friends and hate my job. How wrong I was. My job is a source of life and the people around me are in similar seasons. That’s all I wanted.

My roommate is a gift from God – we have one of those special connections that can’t be explained. She moved in a little over two weeks ago – unfortunately I’ve been gone for most of that time. But still. Praying together is already a norm. Sharing rides and food and clothes and advice is everyday life. We ditched the Internet in our apartment to live more simply. We agree on an open door policy – anyone can stay with us, anytime – we don’t have to check with each other to see if it’s okay (we’ve already had people staying on the couch/floor/my bed/etcetera.)  This afternoon we met for coffee to share our stories. We both have testimonies of God’s redeeming grace in our lives…and we’re both pretty weird. It’s amazing.

When my original roommate fell through I was depressed at the idea of living with a random person – I thought I was so over that part of life. I’m in my mid-twenties! Haven’t I crossed over into that part of life where you no longer have to risk living with a stranger? Little did I know this stranger would become one of my biggest blessings.

This is just the beginning and there’s so much more to say. Every day is an adventure; every day leaves me in awe. I want to write about it, but there’s just no time – life beckons me elsewhere.


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Lover of all things tea and travel.
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  1. Lo says:

    can i just say that i’m jealous of your roommate? i love you and miss you. reading this, all i kept thinking was, “i could probably find a way to visit for a long weekend.”

  2. marissavilla says:

    I’m glad your roommate is fun. I hope you let her hear your Jesus video voice.

  3. Trevor Perla says:

    Rockin. I’m glad you like this place and your roommate. Who is your roommate?

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