“i don’t give a damn, i’m happy as a clam.”

Sunday night – freshly showered, freshly painted fingernails. An empty Jello snack cup by my side. Pandora playing an above average indie mix. I’m alone and I like it. Alone time is hard to come by these days.

“Abre had lost her gift for being alone,” John Steinbeck writes in East of Eden. I was so sad for Abre when I read that. But also, I liked how Steinbeck made being alone sound like an art form. And I think it is.

I have to be careful not to let myself have too much alone time – it’s pretty easy for me to survive as a hermit. A lot of times I prefer it to the alternative. Like…to the extent that I wish I was Tom Hanks in Cast Away. Yeah, not exactly healthy.

I was going to see a movie by myself today, but decided against it. Mainly because I am protesting new movies. Last night I watched Sex and the Single Girl (released in 1964) – I was laughing out loud by myself at 2 a.m. and wondering why movies aren’t like this anymore.

So instead of going to the movies I spent today reading. And I spent too much time on Amazon looking at all the books I’ll never have time to read. Sigh. My eighth grade English teacher taught a brief section on speed reading – I wish I had paid more attention. All I remember is that you only read the first few letters of each word, which seems a little ridiculous to me. But hey, if it works, it wo


Pandora continues to impress me tonight. I guess there’s this new thing – Pandora Jam? I have no idea what it is, I’ve only heard the name. It usually takes me a while to catch onto new things – I’m never the person who’s like, “You’re only now discovering The Shins? Pishhh, I knew about them before Garden State. Heck, I knew about them before they were even a band. But now everyone likes them, so I don’t anymore.” Or whatever it may be.

Things I only recently got into: Adele, Taylor Swift, texting, leggings (…I hear they’re going out of style now – bummer) and Redbox.

Things I’m currently clueless about: pinterest, instagram, foursquare (…just heard this has nothing to do with the childhood game involving a ball and four squares, but instead is related to your phone? or something), basically anything to do with an iPhone/Smartphone (might as well include the Kindle in there too), The Help (…I mean, I know what it is but I haven’t read or seen it), any current reality TV shows, twitter, alcohol, and gosh, so much more.

But then again, I’m someone who likes old movies, old books and one piece swimsuits. So. There’s that.

I should go to bed now. I can already tell it’s going to be one of those nights when I can’t fall asleep. But still. I should try.


About Hope Naomi

Lover of all things tea and travel.
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7 Responses to “i don’t give a damn, i’m happy as a clam.”

  1. Andrea Pasquan says:

    Oh Hope I still am loving your blogs. I can totally relate to you. I love it when somebody hands you their iPhone like you’re supposed to know how to use it…I feel like an 80-year old grandma. Thanks for always keepin’ it real 😉

  2. just a little love note from yours truly:

    i think you’re really great.
    i like you hair.
    i really love you.
    hey lets talk on the phone next week because heck i’ll be back in america.


  3. marissavilla says:

    Your blogs make me happy/my heart skip a beat. I had a weekend of much needed alone time. It was glorious. Emily told me about pinterest back when we lived in Georgia. Seems like so long ago. My response? “…I don’t get it.” Meh.

  4. emma says:

    lubbing you boobie.

  5. Robby Smith says:

    Haha I laughed out loud when I read “but hey if it works, it wo

  6. Allie says:

    I literally said outloud “IT ISN’T!!??” about foursquare…. but then I remembered… I think someone once told me that its a credit card swiper thing for fancy phones…??

  7. Jen says:

    umm i like pinterest. buy i’m still clueless on a lot of those other things.

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