blind date? yes, please.

I’ve never been a fan of dates. I wasn’t allowed to go on them in high school (though I did sneak out on a few) and by the time I got to college they felt more like job interviews. Too many questions, too much pressure. I’d rather talk to my cats.

During my last semester of college I met a seemingly shy girl who loved dating. We were in a creative writing class together and she would often write about her dating endeavors. She made the dating world seem fascinating – from blind dates to bad dates to online dating. She made me question my disdain for dates – she even kinda made me want to go on one.

Ever since then I’ve wanted to go on a blind date…if only for the experience (if true love is discovered that’s cool too, I guess.)

I’ve looked for blind dates in the classified sections of newspapers and on Craigslist (…unfortunately, a wee bit sketch.) I’ve asked friends to set me up. Last fall my friend Benji was going to pair me with a 19-year-old guy from his frisbee team, but for some reason it never worked out. What a shame…I could’ve been a cougar! Or a puma. Or whatever.

Sometimes I forget I want to go on a blind date because I’m too busy or because I’m a part of yet another NO DATING mission trip. I’m happy to say my desire to go on a blind date has recently flared up once again. I only have 5 weeks before I’m off on one of those celibate mission trips…my clock is ticking (IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.)

These are my rules:

1) No pictures can be seen prior to the date.
2) No communication via phone prior to date.
3) I will be waiting for him with a book (preferably Pride and Prejudice) and a rose – You’ve Got Mail style.

I’m very serious about my rules. If I’m going on a blind date I’m going to do it right.

My dream is to actually go on two blind dates with two different people. During the first one I’ll be myself and during the second one I’ll act a little crazy. Not toooooo crazy (I don’t want him to know I’m messing with him) – just enough crazy to make him think I’m nuts (and not the cute Natalie Portman in Garden State kind of nuts. Guys love that stuff.)

So that’s that.

If you can help a sister out let me know. My age range is 18-39. I’m open to any race, religion and if he likes Michael Jackson that’s a plus.

5 weeks, people!

[I came to the understanding of] what dating is – not necessarily the biggest deal. Not obsession or nothing, love or disinterest. There is middle ground. In the winter, especially, sometimes it’s just nice to dress up a little and go out into the night with another person. (Curtis Sittenfeld, Prep)


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11 Responses to blind date? yes, please.

  1. Allison says:

    ohhhhh! i love this! surely we can arrange it….

  2. sara choe says:

    do you want me to look on your behalf?

  3. Kimmi says:

    I would totally help you out if you were in Fort Collins!! This is one of my favorite things, though I’ve gotten in trouble before. I figure with your express permission and understanding of the situation, how much trouble could there be?! Sad that you’re in GA 😦

  4. lauren says:

    in a few months, i’ll have 2 squads worth of men to choose from 😉 we can totes make this happen.

  5. Megan says:

    Hahahaha Hope I love you! Keep chasing those dreams! It’s funny cause, woah it was 8 months ago we were together, but you were sharing with me your article on how you hate dating from college. But you should out a location on this. 🙂 Ask Daniel if he knows anyone, he’s down in Georgia. Love you!

  6. the bro says:

    cougars are like forty years old.

  7. Unfortunately OSU doesn’t offer a major in matchmaking, so I’m trying to create my own. I just want to be a Yenta. Since I’m facebook free right now, can you email me?


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