blind date update:

So…I went on a blind date last night.

Going into it, the only thing I knew about him was his first name (and vice versa) – just the way I wanted. My friend Brittany set us up – she told him to meet me at Starbucks, where I’d be found wearing her blue scarf. She made the plans before she knew about my blind date rules, and she laughed when I told them to her. “I’m serious,” I said. “You need to tell him I’ll be holding Pride and Prejudice and a rose.”

In the end, I wore her blue scarf and held Sense and Sensibility. I sat in one of the brown, comfy chairs and glued my eyes to the first page while I waited. I wasn’t really reading – I wasn’t really not reading. My eyes were on the words but my mind was elsewhere. I was wondering whether or not I was nervous and if I should give him a hug upon meeting. Also, was he a big, black man like I imagined?

He wasn’t. I was surprised he wasn’t. He approached me but I didn’t look up until he said my name. I stood up and he extended his hand, so I ditched the hug and shook his hand instead. He was dressed up a little bit and that touched my heart. We chatted for a minute – I didn’t know if we were just meeting at Starbucks or if we were going to order drinks. We ordered drinks.

I ordered first, which is always awkward. Do I expect him to pay for me or is that too presumptuous? Inwardly I smirked at myself – it’s been a while since I’ve had to wonder such a thing. “That’ll be $3.25,” the barista said to me. Instinctively I reached for my wallet – what else was I supposed to do? In a dashing, last minute movement my blind date extended a $10 bill as he added his order to the bill. I stop sweating as much.

We sat back down in the brown comfy chairs and drank our tea as we chatted about our lives. I didn’t feel that nagging need to impress (like I probably would’ve felt if I was with someone I already knew) – I wasn’t really nervous, I wasn’t awkward or uncomfortable, but I wasn’t exactly myself either.

Eventually we walked to his car – another somewhat unfamiliar date moment. Was he walking to his side of the car or the passenger side? If he walked to his side that meant the white truck was his, if he walked to the passenger side that meant the black car was his. Do I expect him to open my door or not? Do I follow him or not? GAH WHAT’S A GIRL TO DO.

Turns out the black car was his, which meant he opened the door for me. Again, I smirked – having a man open a car door for me feels more like playing house than real life.

When we were in the car I thought, “I’m in the car with a complete stranger. What am I doing? This is so bizarre. I don’t think he’ll kidnap me…”

We drove to the lake, where we walked around and talked some more. In the midst of our conversation we experienced an extended moment of silence. I’m pretty passionate about silence – I’m not going to say something just for the sake of it. Apparently my date felt the same way – I was impressed.

At one point I joked about him being a werewolf – to which he responded no, actually he was a vampire. He followed his statement with a witty comment that I can’t quite remember, but I know it made me laugh.

Our date ended after that – it was a solid hour and a half. I’m glad we didn’t get dinner because I was still stuffed from my late lunch and I’m glad it wasn’t any longer because that would’ve been too tiring for my introvert side.

I think know we both had a good time.

If he had leaned in to kiss me at the end, I would’ve let him. That’s not my style at all – but it was a blind date and I was feeling a little more adventurous than usual. (It’s probably a good thing he didn’t, though, because I was still burping up ranch dressing from that late lunch I had. Lesson learned for next time: lay off the ranch.)

So that’s that. Dream accomplished. I’ll admit, I’m proud of myself. I’m one step further to conquering my fear of men/dates/anything romantic.

Now I just need to go on another blind date with a different man so I can act a little crazy. I already have some good ideas dancing around my head (upon meeting: hand him my phone and say he needs to talk to my dad before we go any further. Actually have Dad on the line…) The thing is my dad would probably love that (and not as a joke – he’d be serious.)

Oh and before I end this post I must mention how hilarious and similar girls tend to be – I can’t tell you how many times I was asked “what are you going to wear?” (I would ask the same thing to any of my girlfriends.) The answer is: jeans and boots and Brittany’s scarf. The trick to going on a first date is to not look the best you can – I believe that’s a surprise to be saved for later.

Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to take a “first day of school blind date picture” – if only for the kids, you know?

(insert awkward caption here)


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27 Responses to blind date update:

  1. chelseakim says:

    hehe. actually i have a great blind date guy for you out here. two, actually, that i can think of off the top of my head. one that colby and i refer to as “the monk.” soo, yeah. just know that that waits for you until you get your butt here.

  2. Richard Mendola says:

    I was ready for the call! Don’t let him take you on a second date without calling! You know, any man who is of good character won’t be afraid of me. And I might be able to give him some pointers.


  3. emma says:

    um…he ordered tea too? wowz.

  4. Rothman says:

    I almost peed my pants when i read ” If he had leaned in to kiss me at the end, I would’ve let him.” because i KNOW YOU WOULD lol

  5. connierockdesigns says:

    love your first blind date picture. so great.

  6. Holland says:

    you’re just so great.

  7. marissavilla says:

    i think my favorite part of this entire thing is your dad’s comment on this post. i love your first first date story.

  8. Adeva Hotz says:

    I have two questions. 1 – Was this an actual blind date, or is it fictitious? Your words that make me wonder this are “So that’s that. Dream accomplished.” 2 – Are you in another part of the world, maybe on a mission trip? Because the time here is December 5, 2011 at 1:04 pm, where as the time of comments on here are at 6+ pm on Dec. 5, 2011. Maybe the time on this is messed up? P.S. I miss you Hope! =D

    • Hope Naomi says:

      1) yes, this was an actual blind date
      2) i am not in another part of the world – the time setting on my blog is messed up and i don’t know how to fix it, hah.
      3) miss yah too!

  9. Austin Anglea says:

    Fun Read!

  10. Stacy P says:

    your tea was $3.25?!?!!! That’s rude. Also, I love that you went on a blind date and had a good time! You go girl!

  11. Autumn says:

    baahhhh!!! I LOVED THIS HOPE!!! 🙂
    I’m so excited for you! How fun! Miss you!

  12. lepaek says:

    fan-freakin’-tastic, hope!

  13. nick says:

    know how you felt about getting in the car with a stranger. i did that a couple months ago in the Dominican Republic when i missed a bus connection late at night. i’d met a (half-crazy) Haitian man on the previous 9 hour bus ride and took him up on his offer to crash the night at his Dominican friends home (read, “extended family in el ghetto”). turns out our first stop was not a friendly home but a bar to get tanked up on booz (not me, them). anyhow – in contrast – this blind date guy of yours sounds pretty decent. i’m guessing he was homeschooled. wonder if he will ever find and read this blog post online? i’m guessing you suspect “yes” because of the omission of pertinent data (like his rating from 1-10). looking forward to part two. ps if i were your dad i believe i would have more or less continual heartburn over you.

  14. YES! so proud of you girl.

    one of the boys from my twelve dates of christmas project had me call his mom to ask her permission. kids these days!!!

    i love you. i can’t wait to sit with you in a few weeks and share stories.

  15. suzy Q says:

    you make me laugh out loud, and smile quietly inside. your stories {the true, and probably not-so-true} ones are really great to read/hear. i’m excited to learn about how this progresses, if it does. good choice on the boots. and good choice on the sense and sensibility. we introverts love to read such books, it’s true.

  16. Patrice Deaton says:

    Love this and you!!! I read it to some of my Immersion peeps, we all think you are funny! I want to hear about the next blind date, if you can pull the crazy one off that will be the real test.

  17. shaynacraze says:

    I love that your dad commented and your such a babe in your picture.

  18. Melanie Babcock says:

    Hope, I loved reading this! It was a great way to start my morning! Any guy to take you on a date would be very fortunate!

  19. dan snyder says:

    haha, this was awesome. proud of you. give him another chance!!

  20. nathan salley tells a story says:

    holy comments batman. what a post indeed. finally dan comes in with some sense and tells you to give the guy a second chance. boys arent a check list from a dream sheet ya know. 🙂

  21. chad jowers says:

    hahahahaha. loved it.

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