facebook chat with dad…

Dad: No more blind dates, Ok?
Me: Haha okayyyy.
Dad: Let me just arrange a marriage for you.
Me: Do you have someone in mind?
Dad: No… you never seemed interested in this approach so I have not been praying in this direction.
Me: Yeah, I’m not interested in it right now.
Me: I think I’ll meet him next year.
Dad: Next year is in 18 days. That will be great.


About Hope Naomi

Lover of all things tea and travel.
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4 Responses to facebook chat with dad…

  1. dan says:

    that’s funny…know why?? cause I was wondering what your dad was thinking…im a bit sketched and we’re not even related. be good.

  2. Holland says:

    i love your dad. and i am not sketched out by your blind dating (dont listen to dan!)

  3. sara choe says:

    your dad = awesome.

    “let me just arrange a marriage for you.”


    & what a blessing it is to have a dad who’s prayerful & sensitive. i just told you this in person, but thought it’d be good to write this for posterity.

  4. Lindsay says:

    I agree on the awesomeness of your dad as well, Hope. Arranged marriage…uncertain but including your Dad… good idea…

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