a day or so in my life:

So many delicious moments…
food and fellowship and fun.
20ish people stuffed in a van
on the way home from the beach
We almost didn’t make it
(but we did)
it was dark and rainy
the van was overheating
we had to get out and walk
Katie and I pulled down our pants to pee
Men drove by
We tried to cover ourselves
We almost fell over
We laughed
(One of the best moments yet)
In the van Julie and I talked about
Family and forgiveness
While the other girls sang.
When we got back
We sat around the table
Eating eggs and beans and tortillas
as we laughed over worst date stories
Macgregor, Caitlin and I walked to get snacks
(gummies and McFlurries)
We watched Dan in Real Life as it rained
And that is just a snippet
into my life yesterday.
(Don’t forget sitting in hammocks on the beach or the feast we had…I felt like a kid again, like that day we went to the water park in the Philippines.)
Don’t forget
Worship karaoke
Walking to the peak to watch dry lightning
With Mark and Kate
We sat in silence
and I loved every second.
Talking with those ladies at the dump
laughing with them
Dancing at church
Crepes and chai
Worship in the hallway – POWERFUL
Eating oranges with children at the orphanage (one of them fell asleep on my lap)
Teaching the Adam/Eve skit
Empanadas for dinner
Nearly empty bus ride to Guat. City
back to Casa Rustica
and now,
precious alone time.

– excerpt from my diary.

riding in the van


About Hope Naomi

Lover of all things tea and travel.
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6 Responses to a day or so in my life:

  1. me too! miss you hope. love hearing how things are going.

  2. chelseakim says:

    mmm making me feel like i’m almost there. love you.

  3. Lindsey Corcoran says:

    wow…what a life lady

  4. marissavilla says:

    i think it’s fun you’ve adopted a new style. i like all of your writing regardless of style, though!

  5. Sydnee says:

    sounds like a great day or so.

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