time shmime…all i know is this very moment.

Time hasn’t existed for me the last few months. When I try to think of what the date is my brain freezes. Is it January? June? September? I honestly have no idea. If someone were to take a picture of my brain it would look something like this:

I’ve been so completely absorbed in the present that time seems to have stopped. There is no past or future, there’s only the exact moment I’m experiencing. And I appreciate them all – the hard moments, the boring moments, the surprising ones. Each moment gradually flows into the next one, leaving me unaware of when one is beginning or ending. Life is fluid and beautiful.

In the last few weeks I’ve:

1) Read The Hunger Games trilogy (and consequently fell in love with yet another fictional character, dangit):

2) Saw The Phantom of the Opera in New York City during a 24-hour layover:

3) Went from sunny Central America to overcast Eastern Europe:

…I’ve switched from burritos to kebobs, buses to trains, cold showers to hot showers and a dirt floor to a bed (praise the LORD.) And my squad is currently in the process of switching from Mac, Caitlin and me as squad leaders to three new women we’ve raised up to take our place.

I guess time is passing by – all I know is that with every snort of laughter and each tear that falls I am fully in that moment and no where else. When I think about my life after the race I see it like a movie trailer – it feels removed, almost fake. I’m elated for what is in store, but at this point it seems so far away from where I am right now – my brain can’t wrap around the idea and I’m okay with that.

Four weeks…


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Lover of all things tea and travel.
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8 Responses to time shmime…all i know is this very moment.

  1. Tim Abare says:

    Hope… it seems like launch was just yesterday. WOW! I look forward to seeing you and watching your life come into focus. Praying for you.

  2. shaynacraze says:

    I fancied Gale up until the last chapter.

  3. well, i can’t wait to see you. duh.

    but i also got attached to Peeta. oh those books took over my life.
    and, i love phantom of the opera! I love that you got to see it while you were in NY.

    enjoy every last moment with your squad, and then hurry back to me! 🙂
    love you.

  4. sara choe says:

    yes, those books have taken over my weekends. well not really, i am devouring those suckers! team peeta!
    can you impart some of that being present in the present anointing on me? kthxluvu!

    • Hope Naomi says:

      I’m so glad to hear you are team Peeta as well! I want to say someone more but I’m not sure if you’ve finished the books yet…

      And as for some advice on being present-minded: get out of United States, haha.

  5. Bono says:

    Let me get this straight. You say you live in the moment. but you finish with a statement “four weeks…”.

    Oh, Hope, you created a hope-aradox, a hope-aradigm, a hope-yrinthine time loop. You got stuck in a moment that you can’t get out of (and I’d love to join you in).

    You vex me like no other woman I’ve seen (don’t worry, my wife doesn’t know the password to this computer). You still haven’t given me Betsy’s number, you elusive tigress. *waves paw* *growls*

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