traveling mercies…PLEASE!?

Wake up 6:30
miss my 7:15 train…
because I was on the wrong side of the tracks
(even though I checked THREE times)
Italy, why must you tease me?
Since I miss that train
I also miss my next one,
which makes me miss my bus,
which makes me miss my plane,
a $200 mistake.
Cry in the bathroom
on the floor
sloppy, tired tears
I just want to go home,
to be DONE with buses and taxis,
trains and planes
being late and getting lost
wearing the same stupid yoga pants
for the 5th month in a row
my feet are dirty
my hair is nappy
I have bags under my eyes because
I haven’t slept in a month.
It’s all been GO GO GO
which I enjoy
but it also makes me cry
when I miss my plane
because I just want to be DONE
and stay in bed for a day,
maybe two.
This Italy trip has been its own World Race
crushed expectations, entitlements
lots of rain
lots of cold…
I didn’t even get to wear my blue dress
I didn’t get to see the Blue Grotto
and now I probably never will
(a childhood dream destroyed.)
There have been good times too
but right now the floor is still wet from my tears
and my feet still smell
from all the dirty puddles.
Give me a shower,
a good night’s rest
and a plane back to America…
I’ll be good to go.
But first:
my plane to Romania is delayed an hour
(of course)
it’s 1 a.m. and rainy when I finally arrive
I get into a taxi I can’t afford
so he takes me back to the airport
I pray,
“please please please”
“help me help me help me”
Then: a taxi I can kind of afford
takes me to my hostel
where I show up and cry
tears of tiredness, frustration
and gratitude,
“thank you thank you thank you.”


About Hope Naomi

Lover of all things tea and travel.
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3 Responses to traveling mercies…PLEASE!?

  1. shaynacraze says:

    Aw Hope! I hope this turns into one of those “remember that one time in Italy when we missed the train” stories that you can laugh about down the road.

  2. Maceylc says:

    Your honesty is BEYOND refreshing. Hoping to see you at training camp in July?!!!

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