from here to there.

The last few days have been spent sawing trees, hacking vines, hauling buckets of sand and sweating my skin off. Not to mention the bugs. For lunch we walk (or drag our weary feet) to a nearby restaurant for rice and noodles. All the while people back home are talking about football games, 60 degree weather and pumpkin spice lattes…huh?

Everything in my life is flipped upside down right now. It’s the middle of the night here in Thailand; back home it’s the middle of the afternoon. My mind can’t really wrap about the idea. I feel so far away from my everyday life in Georgia – living out of a suitcase and moving around every few days has once again become my normal. Brushing my teeth with bottled water, throwing away TP in the trash can, converting currencies in my head, cramming in the back of a truck with a bajillion people, driving on the other side of the road – again, normal.

Being with my squad feels so right – I could stay with them forever. But I have a job and apartment and community that I love. In a few days I leave this world for that one. I feel the heaviness of leaving upon me, but also the excitement of my return. Alas, my heart is torn. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to goodbyes.

It’s times like this when I think having a husband would be nice. Someone to share both worlds with, someone who’s with me in the jungle of Thailand one day and the city of Gainesville the next. Someone I don’t ever have to say goodbye to.

My goodbyes are already starting. In just a few days crisp mornings and pumpkin spice lattes will replace the heat and rice of Asia. Bowing will no longer be an acceptable greeting. My suitcase will find its place once again in my closet and I’ll fall asleep in the same bed every night. I’ll switch from sunrises in Thailand to sunsets in Georgia.

It doesn’t matter where the sun shines, though – I’m blessed to be here, and I’m blessed to go back home.


About Hope Naomi

Lover of all things tea and travel.
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9 Responses to from here to there.

  1. kristenhary says:

    Hopey, I can’t wait until you have a husband to share all of this with. I’m thankful that you have a community to go back home to, a group of people who are no strangers to goodbyes and being mobile. #missionarylyfe

  2. caitlin parker says:

    love you. CANT WAIT to hear about your time in Thailand with our squad. This post was beautiful, mostly because it came from your beautiful heart.

  3. you can bow to me friend – i wont think its weird. love you and all that you process.

  4. shaynacraze says:

    I miss the sound of your voice.

  5. Hope, I don’t have room to explain here, but just know the title of this post spoke directly to where I am right now. Seemingly constant transition is exciting but tiring, I feel ya! Keep doing well and being obedient, it’s all working towards our good! I believe it, even when I’m feeling tired. Thanks for writing this, have some noodles for me (I miss them daily) and hope to see you around on this side of the world sometime soon.

  6. Randy Garmon says:

    Having been there, I can relate to much of this. But Betsy and I are so excited to have you back with us in Georgia! Awesome times lie ahead!

  7. Gus Gus says:

    Duh…HOPE! I´m, uh, still waiting for you at the Atlanta Bread Company…duhhh…yeah so I, uh, hope to see you soon because it´s been like, uh, four weeks! Just, duh, let me know what condiments you want on your bagel so I can have it ready whenever you get here…duh, I sure am getting hungry…DON´T TEMPT ME!!!

  8. Bono says:

    I totally have that umbrella…”totes” as the kids like to say.

  9. hope love you and miss you. also can’t wait to see you in decemberrrr

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