good things in life:

gold shoes
purple hair
Joshua Radin
twinkle lights
nude nail polish
handwritten letters
Freaks and Geeks
Mumford and Sons
pumpkin chai latte
pumpkin pie blizzard
lazy Sunday mornings
lazy Monday evenings
Downton Abby (season 3)
sitting around the kitchen table
scarves, cardigans and comfy jeans
the sound of leaves being stepped on
watching bad movies with good friends


…what about you?


About Hope Naomi

Lover of all things tea and travel.
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9 Responses to good things in life:

  1. Kacie Lynn says:

    mmm yes. good things 🙂

    • Crystal Lett says:

      Ummm Season 3 of Downton Abbey is amazing… but devastating! Can’t believe it really. Thank heavens for Project Free TV! Miss you buddy!

  2. AJ’s beard…*you forgot this one* Lol

    Oh and I read ‘nude nail polish’ and for some reason pictured nail polish bottles prancing around in the nude…not sure how that works hahaha…

  3. I hope that this list is also in your journal, in your own precious handwriting, with a date. So, that five years from now, we can sit in a coffee shop and talk about who we were and what we loved and who we are and what we love. You with a chai and me with a coffee, heavy cream only.

  4. you’re the coolest person i know.

  5. nathan salley tells a story says:

    great list.


    making list
    smoking a clove with Alexandra
    listening to Neil say Jesus over and over in prayer
    Holland’s laugh
    gin & tonic with Joe Bunting at the writer’s feast

    this list could go on forever. that’s what i love about list. but these things remind me of G-ville. miss ya friend.

  6. Gus Gus says:

    List of good things in life:

    Climbing things (rooftops, trees, mountains)
    Walking my Rottweiler in a rain storm
    Coaching basketball practice in the rain
    Doing anything in the rain
    Handwritten letters
    Long phone conversations with old friends
    Highway 66 through Arkansas
    Gladiator and Braveheart
    Getting attacked by about a dozen first graders who are all hugging my midsection
    Kierkegaard, Dostoyevsky, and Tolstoy
    Walking barefoot
    Playing Adverb-Verb (a charades game) in public
    Cooking dinner for people
    Singing in the car
    Singing anywhere
    Living in community
    Bible study at the homeless shelter
    Walking places
    Giving things away

  7. Elaina says:

    Hope, you are definitely on my list! Also, anything made with chocolate. Like Hot Cocoa on a cold day 🙂

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