traveling solo: part 1

In honor of the one year anniversary of my Italy travels I’ve decided to post some diary entries from that time…


Wake up
tea and toast
out for the day…
Rialto’s Market
where I buy the reddest, tastiest strawberries
I’ve ever eaten
(they were sweeter than skittles)
Looking for the train station
following signs,
asking for directions.
Eventually I find it,
buy my ticket to Cinque Terre
cross the big bridge
sit on some steps
attached to some fancy building
where other people are sitting.
I pull out my strawberries
my diary
and Eat Pray Love.
I’m hungry
so I start walking
find a nice cafe
linger for a long time
walk away,
come back.
Order a Venetian sandwich
it’s so good
I get another
(they were only halves.)
I stay and read for a while
then get up
St. Marks Square
stand in line
go to the top of the church
sit for a bit
(my feet hurt.)
Walk again
walk some more
sit by the water
lie down
and fall asleep.
Wake up
get up
look for a place for dinner
so I don’t have to look later
give up
because I’m tired of walking.
Sit by the water
watch the gondolas dance by
see a bridge and her groom
on a private taxi
he rubs her arms because
it’s starting to get cold.
I read a poem called
“The River-Merchant’s Wife: A Letter”
(I don’t really get it)
I open Eat Pray Love
Elizabeth Gilbert writes about Venice,
“I refuse – I absolutely refuse – to go to the most romantic city on Earth by myself.”
I smile because
I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Get up for food
back and forth
looking at restaurants
why is everything so expensive?
where do the locals eat?
I’m hungry
my feet hurt
I need to pee.
I pick a place,
but their toilet is out of order…
of course.
I just pick a place
a touristy place
with non-Venetian workers
oh well.
Give me food and a place to rest my feet
along with that mushroom risotto, please.
I’m journaling,
slowly scooping the sub-par risotto in my mouth
still annoyed at Venice
when an American couple asks me
how to get to St. Marks
I point them in the right direction
they smile and thank me
all of a sudden I’m in love with Venice
because even though it annoys me
with it’s lack of toilets
overpriced restaurants and
confusing streets…
I feel like I know it
and it knows me.
I celebrate with a scoop of gelato
walk back to my hostel
climb into bed
and fall asleep
as people sing and laugh and talk
outside my open window.


About Hope Naomi

Lover of all things tea and travel.
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3 Responses to traveling solo: part 1

  1. jillyfish87 says:

    Love it! Wow i can’t believe it’s been a year. I started reading this and thought, hope, you must be mistaken! And then realized it’s true! Dang…

    Love you!!!

  2. chels says:

    i know you were alone, but i wish i was there with you!

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