traveling solo: part 2

In honor of the one year anniversary of my Italy travels I’ve decided to post some diary entries from that time…

Travel Day/Cinque Terre

Alarm rings at 6 a.m.
I get up, get dressed
scarf down some tea and toast
grab my backpack and
run out the door
into the pouring rain
(why didn’t I bring my raincoat?)
As I scamper through the deserted streets
dodging puddles and
last night’s trash
I can’t help but think
Venice is weeping because I’m leaving.
I climb the Rialto bridge one last time
not a soul is there
(it’s too early, cold and rainy)
I get on a boat
and take one last look at Venice
through rain-splattered windows
(no offense, Venice, but you look better in the sun.)
At the train station
I wait and wait and wait
(why did I get up so early?)
until finally my train arrives
I get on
and fall asleep.
The next stop is so cold
I out on my jeans in the bathroom
and pray for better weather.
Train arrives,
I get on
and fall asleep.
Next stop:
still so cold…
thankfully, a nearby cafe
I order a sandwich and continue to get lost
in Eat Pray Love
(she’s in India now.)
Train arrives,
I get on,
fall asleep.
Get off
one last train – only 8 minutes long!
But it doesn’t show
because it’s on strike…
today of all days.
God sends me four angels
disguised as Singaporeans
who let me split a cab with them.
In Cinque Terre
I buy some yogurt and bran cookies
climb stairs to the top
wander back down
stop inside a church
all I hear is –
“I love you, do you trust me?”
“I love you, do you trust me?”
Leaving the church,
I order pesto (to go)
sit outside and eat it,
slurp it.
move to an outdoor coffee shop
order coconut hot chocolate
(there are literally chunks of coconut)
write in my diary…
until my pen runs out.
Annoyed, desperate
I pay too much money
for this cheesy, touristy pen I use now.
I sit on the rocks above the water,
I go inside
get ready for bed
look at my itinerary
write in my diary
meet Conner,
the cute, 24-year-old San Franciscan
who will be spending the night
2 feet away from me.
We chat for a while
(I’m not wearing a bra)
I’m not really interested in making friends
but we were both communication majors
and it’s our first time traveling alone.
He doesn’t know it,
but I peaked inside the book he’s reading
it was a gift from his girlfriend…
his ex-girlfriend, I discovered from him.
I’m assuming he’s still in love with her
because he’s carrying her around
(or at least a part of her.)
I hope I can sleep tonight…
sexual tension – gah!
and may tomorrow be better than today.



About Hope Naomi

Lover of all things tea and travel.
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3 Responses to traveling solo: part 2

  1. HOPE! i love this! you’re an amazing writer. 🙂

  2. hollandocox says:

    i love the end, so much 🙂

  3. i love this too! and you friend, miss you!!!

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