traveling solo: part 3

In honor of the one year anniversary of my Italy travels I’ve decided to post some diary entries from that time…


Wake up early (cold and rainy)
to beat the crowds at the Uffizi
end up lost (and frustrated)
ditch my plan
and go into a church or two.
Find the Uffizi
buy a ticket
wait in line
go inside
listen to Rick Steves
look at art
and actually appreciate it…
kind of want to study it now
(it seems similar to interpreting literature –
you just need to know what to look for.)
When I leave I’m so hungry
I could eat my fist
(or some non-legit tourist food)
but I hold out for Mario’s
I’m shoved in a corner
with a group of four
who pleasantly ignore me
(to my delight.)
The vegetable soup
is divine
I force myself to eat it slowly
(even though I want to devour it as fast as I can)
Before I leave I already want to go back.
Another church,
not worth the price
they all look the same anyway.
Buy my bus ticket Sienna
research some Italy stuff online
take a nap
(glorious nap.)
Get up,
go out
hunt down the H&M
splurge on a coat
because I’m so cold.
Walk a ways to another restaurant
that was recommended online
This time I’m not seated in a back corner
my table is for two
with a burning candle
in the dimly lit room…
it’s the most romantic restaurant
I’ve ever been to
(with a man and woman about to kiss on the menu.)
Real life couples surround me
I kind of stare at them
or the waiters passing by
or the walls
I refuse to open a book
(I’m stronger than that.)
I order the gnocchi
and my waiter,
a handsome man in his 40s,
seems to like me
(or feel sorry for me.)
He pours me a glass of wine…
to my dismay.
I chug it in gulps
when he’s not looking
it almost ruins my meal
and leaves me a bit buzzed.
And then!
My older, handsome waiter
gives me chocolate cake
that wasn’t very good
but the gesture warmed my heart
(or maybe it was the alcohol)
Either way,
I left the restaurant smiling,
(again: alcohol?)
I walked across the nearby bridge
to the recommended gelato shop
and take my two scoops
back to the bridge
to watch the sun set
(glorious sun set.)
I’m elated.
The day didn’t start in my favor
but it sure did end there.
(Thanks, God.)

IMG_2358    IMG_2360


About Hope Naomi

Lover of all things tea and travel.
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One Response to traveling solo: part 3

  1. hollandocox says:

    i love the bit about the wine 🙂

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