traveling solo: last day!



Pistachio gelato for breakfast
(because…why not?)
train to Sorrento
ferry to Capri
Blue Grotto is closed
So I take a hike or two instead
and eat some more gelato.
On the ferry back to Sorrento
an Argentinean-Italian follows me
(he did on the first ride too)
and at one point kisses me
I can see my lip gloss on his lips
this is absolutely ridiculous
and hilarious.
he practically begs to kiss me again
to which I absolutely decline
even though I kind of wanted to,
if only for the story.
He walks me back to my train
(even though I walked hastily away)
he’s still hoping for that kiss
(I don’t even leave him with a handshake)
I know he just wanted to get in my pants
(or at least on my lips)
but at one point I think
“he just wants someone to love.”
I fully believe he has the capacity
to love a woman well,
with all his body, mind and spirit
just as all men have such capacity
just as John Steinbeck writes about
in East of Eden.
Somewhere along the way,
they get rejected
they get hurt
they forget how to love
with all of their being.
Men were made to love women,
women were made to be loved by men
of this I am convinced.
Back at my hostel,
the owner,
a man in his 50s? 60s?
is relieved to see me return
he was worried because I was gone all day
I thought that was sweet.
The man introduced me to
3 American guys
who invited me to eat with them
I declined, saying Jane Austen was waiting for me
(she was – or at least I for her)
I ate delicious spaghetti
and went out
for more gelato
when I came back they invited me again to sit with them
So I did
and had a wonderful time.
They are brothers from Kansas
the older one is an army psychologist in Italy
the other two are twins
we talked and laughed
and were joined by two Canadians
(who happened to be my roommates that night)
and a large German man
I skipped my shower to be with them
and drink a little alcohol
as I was so encouraged
(it wasn’t that bad, actually.)
A good way
to spend my last night in Italy,
with people…
interesting people.
(Oh and I almost had gelato a 4th time – the twins offered to buy me some, ha. I declined, only because it would’ve been my FOURTH TIME.)


About Hope Naomi

Lover of all things tea and travel.
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2 Responses to traveling solo: last day!

  1. Alicia says:

    You can never have too much gelato! TRUST ME!
    And wowza, that kiss sounds like something out of a movie.
    A kiss between strangers. Strangely romantic. Especially in Italy.

  2. Alys Seay says:

    Yes Hope! I love this. What a good story… you have good stories. God is teaching me a lot about stories lately and it’s so fun to read about yours:)

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