from a quarter-life crisis to chattanooga…

I was busy or gone for most of July. The end of it rolled around and I finally had a Saturday to do nothing. I love doing nothing. Some people get bored, get antsy, get cabin fever – I do not. Give me a couch to sit on and a wall to stare at and I’m good to go.

On this particular Saturday I prepared for doing nothing by cleaning the house. I washed and rinsed and swept and scrubbed and when I was done I collapsed on the couch with my diary and a cup of tea. A candle was lit on the coffee table. Bliss.

I wrote, took a sip, stared at the candle.

At first it was all peace and puppies. I was probably even wearing a Snuggie.

Then I found myself writing things like this:

I’m 27 and single and life is ticking away and if I don’t go on adventures now when will I? Chattanooga, Asheville, Savannah – must start making these realities! I’d like a cute boy to be my partner, but I don’t have that so I’ll take other interesting people with me instead. Maybe I’ll find a cute boy along the way…if not, I’ll still have a life rich with experiences and relationships. 

Explore more. 
Read more.
Write more.
Take more chances.
On people,
On places, 
On myself. 

All of a sudden I was having a quarter-life crisis. What was I doing with my life!? Sitting on the couch, still single…

At least the floors were clean.

But would that be enough to last me the whole weekend? Or until I turn 30?

I began to text people, “Do you guys want to go on an adventure to Chattanooga or Asheville?” Like…right now?

People wanted to, but couldn’t swing the last minute thing. My roommates were all out of town. Being single became the least of my worries…suddenly I had no friends.

Thankfully, eventually I found two adventurous spirits who were also single, in town and on their couches. Together we would travel to Chattanooga.

I looked up things to do and sites to see in Chattanooga and decided it would be better to go the following weekend when we would have more time. We still went on a mini adventure together that day – we drove to a nearby town where we drooled over all the things we’ll never own at R.E.I., followed by dinner at a cheap hibachi place. Then we made brownies.

The next Friday we packed the car with snacks, overnight bags and our spontaneity. We added a 4th member (someone who was busy the weekend before) and drove toward adventure.

First stop: Cloudland Canyon State Park.

We had a picnic. Played guitar. Became friends with a Harley-Davidson dude. Hiked. Ignored the no-swimming signs. Took off our shirts and jumped in a waterfall. Hiked some more. Got lost. Saw a yurt.


Second stop: Chattanooga.

We stayed with someone we had never met, but she was one of our kind. She showed us around – took us to restaurants, bars, parks, coffee shops. We walked across the Walnut Street Bridge and up the Trail of Tears. Sat by the Tennessee River and drove up to Lookout Mountain. Had gelato late one night…and again the next morning.


And, as with any good road trip, we got pulled over by a cop on our way home…


But no ticket! (Phew.)

I came home feeling full of life, feeling fully myself. A short, spontaneous adventure was exactly what I needed to kill my quarter-life crisis.

So here’s to being 27 and single with the world still at my reach…even if sometimes that’s only a few hours away.



About Hope Naomi

Lover of all things tea and travel.
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17 Responses to from a quarter-life crisis to chattanooga…

  1. Bethany says:

    Ahhh! Hope! This is such a good blog! I wish I could have gone on all those adventures! They sound fabulous! And believe me, our little lives are a lot more interesting than we give credit for!

    Excited for Asheville next!! 🙂 love you!

  2. Talia says:

    oh i love this!! and this line is my favorite: Being single became the least of my worries…suddenly I had no friends. i laughed.


  3. O I have those moments sometime too. If you ever need an adventure buddy I am 24 and still single!

  4. Mac says:

    “And believe me, our little lives are a lot more interesting than we give credit for.” Bethany is very wise. Think she remembers me? We went to a water park together one time.

    Also, friend, candlelight tea reading is underrated (and I don’t even like tea.) But I did have a chai tea at the local coffee place the other day. You would have been proud of me. I didn’t even get it with milk, though I wish I had.

    Also, I wish we were talking in real life.

    Bye bye.

    • Hope Naomi says:

      You didn’t get milk in your chai tea!? That’s absurd. Though I am proud to hear you went for tea instead of coffee…

      Bethany might remember you… if only for your good looks.

  5. andrea g to the osselin says:

    This was perfect, Hope! It’s amazing what a spontaneous adventure will do for the soul, isn’t it? I could use one right now as a matter of fact 🙂 …If only we still lived in the same state!

  6. Kate says:

    Wait for me to go to Asheville!

  7. kristenhary says:

    I’m ready to adventure anywhere, also single 😉

    Let’s go.

  8. Daniel N says:

    so glad i decided to join the adventures!

  9. Toni-Lyn says:

    SAVANNAAAAAHHHH! I live there!!!! Just let me know a weekend girlfriend! I’m holding my breath currently so sooner might be better in this one particular (and suddenly semi-harrowing) case. xoxoxo

  10. hollandocox says:

    you name the place and im there babe!

  11. Alys Seay says:

    Hope, you’re so cool. I’m glad I know you:)

  12. Kacie Lynn says:

    yayyyyyy 🙂 🙂

  13. alisaprox says:

    I really really love this!

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