it’s the least wonderful time of the year… aka saying goodbye.

It’s my second-to-last night in Ohio… and yes, I’m wearing yoga pants. I went from yoga pants, to a different pair of yoga pants, to ACTUAL pants on Christmas Eve, to pajama pants for two days… and now I’m back to the first pair of yoga pants.

I feel really accomplished.

I’ve had a lovely time in Ohio and I’m really sad to leave.  I wrote in my diary earlier today: “There’s never enough time at home. I always feel like I scrape the surface… with everything. I want time alone, time with family, time with friends.”

My dream is to come home for a month. A week just isn’t enough (though I realize it’s more than most people get.) It’s hard when you come from a big family  – two parents, five siblings, a brother-in-law, two nieces and a nephew. Not to mention the handful of friends from high school and college who live here. Oh and my mom’s new adorable puppy, Winston. Can you imagine trying to squeeze in quality time with all those fabulous people? (and one puppy.)

Christmas Day was spent opening presents by the fire, eating leftover Indian food and playing board games late into the night.

This afternoon I baked banana bread and red velvet cupcakes with my niece. Gosh, she is my favorite 5-year-old with an Afro.

A few hours later three of my siblings and I piled in a car and drove to Starbucks, where we all ordered sweet, hot, milky tea (I was so proud.) Then we went to Half Price Books (WHY aren’t you in Georgia?) with our Starbucks in hand. We joked about looking like snobs.

After that I went to Jolie’s – I hung out with Jolie, her husband Sean, and our friend Benji (we all went to college together.) We ate Hounddog’s Pizza and talked and laughed and learned about the trivia subculture in Denver. (Benji is a Quizmaster for “Geeks Who Drink.”) Note: I may have a new life goal… Quizmaster for “Geeks Who DON’T Drink!!!” Has a nice ring, eh?



Tomorrow night I’m cooking my family dinner followed by a showing of The Fellowship of the Ring.

Sunday morning I leave for Charlotte, North Carolina, where I’ll stay two nights with my friend Erin and her in-laws.

Then back to Georgia.

Then to Costa Rica.

(More on that later.)

I thrive on motion, momentum, change, travel… but oh how I wish some moments could be like an “extended edition” of Lord of the Rings…. just a little bit longer!

I love Ohio and all it gives me… family, memories, old friends, overcast days, the Columbus library, movie theaters that DON’T cost $10, tomato soup from Così or a pasta bowl from Piada…

but I don’t plan to ever move back. My life is in Georgia – my job, my house, my friends, my future.

I just wish my hellos didn’t have to be so close to my goodbyes when I visit Ohio. (In a perfect world, I suppose…)

I’m grateful for my life – it’s full, bursting with more than I can manage. I can never get to the bottom – there is always more. It’s like a cup of hot cocoa overflowing with too many marshmallows (slash just enough if you’re me.)

food hot choc.


And yet.

My heart aches with each goodbye. Of which there are many. Sometimes for a little while, sometimes forever. Sometimes you don’t know it’s goodbye until it’s already over.

It’s been a lovely time at home. But now it’s time to say goodbye…


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3 Responses to it’s the least wonderful time of the year… aka saying goodbye.

  1. It’s okay, Hope…still floats! Like a marshmallow in your hot cocoa! (I couldn’t resist haha).

  2. Matt says:

    I understand this. It’s the cost of loving and being a good steward of your “hellos.”

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