Confessions of a traveler….

I’m sitting in the Qatar airport and I’m FREEZING. Seriously, why do airports always have to be so cold? I’m wearing a hoody and yoga pants and socks. IT’S NOT ENOUGH. I should have brought my down comforter.

I have a sleep mask around my forehead (like a gangsta) and I’m surrounded by a dozen women in hijabs. Sometimes we smile at each other.

I landed at 5pm Qatar time, 10am Atlanta time. My biggest dilemma was trying to decide if I should eat breakfast or dinner. I wandered around the food court, too tired to make a decision. Instead I ate a Lara bar and Cheddar Bunnies (kinda like Cheez-Its… but they’re bunnies. And made with organic wheat flour, so obvs they’re good for you.)

When I was dropped off at the Atlanta airport over 24 hours ago, I felt like a sexy traveler, ready to take on the world. 2 flights and 24 hours later, my hair is a mess, my makeup is rubbed off and my ankles are triple the size they usually are.

Cankles, they’re a serious problem.

The first thing I did when I connected to WiFi here in Qatar was order a pair of compression socks. They’re being shipped to my house, aka they won’t help me at all on this trip… but I couldn’t just stare at my fat ankles and do nothing. They hurt!!

I have 7 1/2 more hours before my next flight… and I’ve already been here for five. I’m too cold to sleep. I’m too tired to read or work. My computer is dying. I already ate half the bag of Cheddar Bunnies.

My only options are to do yoga in the corner and maybe some pushups to warm myself up. Not sure what to do about the cankles besides cry about ’em.

Here’s the thing – travel is amazing. And I’m blessed to have it as part of my lifestyle. But everyone needs to know about the in between moments. If I posted a selfie at the airport 24 hours ago people would’ve been like, “aw. she has a plane ticket and passport in hand. that’s so fun!” If I posted one right now people would be like GAHHHHHH MAKE IT STOP. Sometimes travel is sexy, sometimes it’s ugly. Right now I’m cold and bored and tired and hungry for breakfast or dinner, I still don’t know.

That’s all I have to say about that. It’s time to do some pushups…

Over and out.



About Hope Naomi

Lover of all things tea and travel.
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4 Responses to Confessions of a traveler….

  1. alysseay says:

    Makes me smile:). Oh cankles… And good call on the compression socks. They’re life savers. Love ya Hope.

  2. I love your honesty and realness friend! Every time I read your blog, I smile with a ‘yep, that’s my friend, Hope!’ Thank you for the smiles! ‘Hope’ you stay warm! 😀

  3. Morgan W. says:

    #cankleawareness I feel your pain. I once ran across the Dubai airport in search of some compression socks, after realizing I had accidentally packed mine, as my squad boarded a plane. I made it back as the were closing up the gate with a pair of “hiking socks”, singing “Airplane, airplane, sorry I’m late”, and drenched in sweat from my impromptu cardio workout. I have to say, it was worth definitely worth the glares from airport security. Cankles don’t play.

  4. Bethany says:

    LOL! Keepin’ it real! 🙂 Way to go!

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