on life and stress and seeing a movie by myself…

I have lots to say, but I don’t even know where to begin. I’m home alone, which rarely happens, and I have a cup of earl grey tea by my side… which usually happens.


Everything has been a little crazy lately. I’ve been going for two straight weeks with high school training camp. On Friday I was dealing with moldy shower curtains; today I was dealing with a participant who had an allergic reaction to peach juice. Last week we had a group of 18-year-olds stranded in Kenya. All in a day’s work.

On top of everything, my car was in the shop and I’m starting to look for a new place to live.

I’ve been trying to take care of myself, but my efforts have slowly dwindled. I’ve had one too many green tea lattes and I’m starting to feel like a hunchback. Because my back is where my stress likes to settle. Anyone else??

On Monday I had the afternoon and evening to do WHATEVER I WANTED. Originally I thought about meeting up with people who live in Atlanta, or tackling my personal to-to list (clean room, make doctor appointment, boring stuff like that), but I decided the best thing for me would be to have no plans. My life has been too planned lately – what I need is some spontaneity. It’s good for the soul.


On the way to lunch I asked my friend Daniel if there were any good movies out. He said Me and Earl and the Dying Girl was supposed to be good. I had never heard of it, but I decided to go. Usually I watch trailers or read reviews or do some kind of background check before I see a movie, but in the spirit of spontaneity I decided to risk it and go completely uninformed. Call me crazy.

My phone wouldn’t load to show me movie times (first world probs), so I drove by the theater like a creeper to find out what time it was playing. I had a few hours to kill before the next showing, so of course I went to Target and Starbucks. My happy places. (Me and every other girl my age.)

Like I said, I’m burnt out on green tea lattes (though if you offer to bring me one I won’t say no), so I was going to order the cheapest thing on the menu just so I could sit in Starbucks. The problem is coffee is the cheapest. I don’t drink coffee so I don’t even know how to order it. Like… do I just say, “I’ll have a black coffee”? Do I pick a flavor? I really don’t know how it works, so I paid 20 cents more for a sweet tea and my sanity.

unnamed (1)

Not posed…

After scribbling in my diary and reading a prayer by Flannery O’Connor, I went back to the theater. I snuck in my sweet tea and an airline blanket and made myself at home. There were two people a few rows behind me, I think, but besides that the theater was empty. I originally thought about inviting my roommate Miles, but decided a date with myself was the way to go.

As soon as the movie started I could tell I was going to like it. And boy, did I like it.


The dying girl is on the left and Earl is on the right..

The dialogue was witty, the characters were relatable and the story was beautiful. I laughed, I cried. I stayed through the end of the credits, until the lights came on and the cleanup guy stood behind me with a broom. I was kind of embarrassed because I had been crying, but I could tell he was nice. We chatted about the movie and I told him he needed to see it ASAP.

I came home and took my 1-year-old roommate, Aisli, for a walk. I wondered how many people thought I was her mother. I thought about how I’m going to be a cool mom one day… like Amy Poehler in Mean Girls.

Then I ate frozen, organic vegetable lasagna that I baked in the oven instead of the microwave. I was really proud of myself for that (it takes like 300 times longer, okay?)

I hung out with my roommates (and other guests) and eventually went to bed. I didn’t set my alarm, which always makes me feel rebellious. I figured I’d wake up at 9 or 10.

I woke up at 11:48.

That surprised me… and worried me. It showed me I’m more exhausted than I realize. For months I have thought, “it will get better in August.” Which is true… it will. But I don’t think quoting that to myself is going to get me through July. Hopefully I’ll figure something out this week. (First step = MASSAGE.)

While I do that, you should do yourself a favor and see Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by yourself. It’s the best way to go.


Til next time…


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12 Responses to on life and stress and seeing a movie by myself…

  1. marissavilla says:

    I will see that movie this weekend!

  2. friend, you sound beat up.:( come live with me in the fall!!!!!

  3. alysseay says:

    I just love reading about your life:). Thanks for sharing!

  4. kristenhary says:

    Saw the movie last night, I also laughed (hard) and cried (harder). I immediately thought, Hope and Leigha would like this kind of movie. Glad you saw it and glad you still go on dates alone, it inspires me to do the same.

  5. Jayce says:

    Hope you’re awesome! and I love and miss you.

  6. Tara Truitt says:

    Great recommendation. Needing a personal date, myself!

  7. sara choe says:

    1) i will see that next month after the end of internship and summer class.
    2) flannery o’connor’s prayer journal is the best.

  8. sara choe says:

    1a) by myself — on wacky wednesday, when admission costs $5.50, all day.

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