a new season of life; a new blog.

I’ve blogged passionately for the last seven years, mainly on Xanga (you may remember it if you blogged when you were an angst-ridden teenager), and for the last year on my World Race blog, but I’ve finally decided to start a new blog for this season of life: my mid-twenties (barf, I can’t believe I’m actually THAT OLD.) Yes, I know, some of you are rolling your eyes at me. Roll away. 

I’m feeling confident that this first year on WordPress will be a good year for blogging – pressing issues I have to blog about include (but are not limited to): family counseling (yay!), a fast from boys (yay…) and figuring out my life. still. 

Feel free to kick up your feet and listen to my rants.


About Hope Naomi

Lover of all things tea and travel.
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2 Responses to a new season of life; a new blog.

  1. chelseakim says:

    yesssss. i love you.

  2. jolie says:

    YES YES YES! Love it to pieces. Cannot wait for more.

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